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  1. Spark

    [CF] Hakumen General Discussion

    Yeah the dash after countering is special cancelable. It's handy if the follow up is too slow to punish after countering something.
  2. Spark

    [CF] Hakumen General Discussion

    That's seems pretty handy. I wonder if it means that 66 agito can be comboed off of, or maybe close 5B > tk agito falling j.B.
  3. Spark

    [CF] Hakumen General Discussion

    What part does it drop at in CPEX?
  4. Spark

    [CF] Hakumen General Discussion

    5C > 214A > 2C might work.
  5. Spark

    [CF] Hakumen General Discussion

    So it looks like there was a patch to fix a Hakumen bug? Something having invincibility when it shouldn't.
  6. Spark

    [CF] Hakumen Video Thread (Updated 07/16/2016)

    It's linking me to an Azrael vs Bang match video.
  7. Spark

    [CF] Hakumen General Discussion

    I mean doing 6A after hitting with 6B so if they don't tech the 6B you get 5A > 5B > air BnB. If they tech as soon as possible and the 6A whiffs, but you still recover fast enough for it to be +3 assuming they tech as quick as possible. Oh this is assuming the 6B hit them while they're standing on the ground.
  8. Spark

    [CF] Hakumen General Discussion

    It wasn't super useful, just an ok way to tack on extra damage at the end of a combo to kill assuming you don't have enough to super or eat up time if time is running out. Yeah the 12F start up for 6A lets it combo from 2A on standing hit. It also means that 6B > 6A (whiff) is a tiny bit more plus since the total duration of 6A got lowered by 1 frame. So 6B > 6A whiff should be +4 if they tech as soon as possible.
  9. Spark

    [CF] Hakumen General Discussion

    Hmm I thought it was normals not having SMP anymore. If specials don't have it anymore is this the return of (5C > Gurren) x N in the corner?
  10. Spark

    [CF] Hakumen General Discussion

    https://www.evernote.com/shard/s647/sh/8b9a96d8-45c8-4d09-a9a1-13548044d15c/9bbc2d4f6937f0c27a7887145638e588 More untranslated info. Also the Round 1 around here has a Nesica setup is supposedly going to up and running this weekend, so I should be able to test stuff and get solid damage numbers down.
  11. They just have to be really close to you when you 6A them. Also CHing with the 6A seems to make it harder.
  12. Spark

    [GGAC+R] Robo-Ky Changes and Discussion!

    Assuming they don't FRC you can actually punish the tatami mat with the punch super.
  13. Delay your airdash after hotaru to get them to be lower when you do j.2C. Same with the second question if you air dash as soon as possible they'll end up behind you after doing j.2C > 5C.
  14. The timing is the same for everyone.
  15. 5A > 5B at the end doesn't work on some characters.