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  1. Steve-Fiction

    Blazblue is 10 years old today!

    I wish I could've experienced that.
  2. Steve-Fiction

    [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    I didn't expect a single one of these in the next pack. Pretty cool choices I think.
  3. Steve-Fiction

    If ASW had to cut returners from the next Xrd

    That's nice and all, but it's pretty much proven to not be the case at this point.
  4. Steve-Fiction

    If ASW had to cut returners from the next Xrd

    I think relevance to the plot doesn't matter in the slightest when it comes to who will be playable in the future. My evidence for that would be Answer, who Daisuke chose as one of two new characters in Rev 2 despite being less relevant than even Randy. I remember from an interview that Daisuke wants Robo-Ky playable, and in the very recent interview on Shoryuken he declared that Bridget is the number one wanted character in Japan at the moment. So I think these two seem relatively likely for next returning characters. As for new characters, it's a complete free for all. So many characters that might make it playable, and as Answer showed this is completely unpredictable. Sadly, I'm guessing the majority of characters (both veterans and new ones) will be left behind.
  5. Steve-Fiction

    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Right, gotta agree there. Thought you were talking about the game in general.
  6. Steve-Fiction

    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    "it's alright" doesn't do this game justice. It's amazing.
  7. Steve-Fiction

    [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    Thanks for clarifying that. Honestly, adding a dub to this game would just be salt to the wound for me. Central Fiction is the game where a dub would've mattered to me.
  8. Steve-Fiction

    [CF] Blazblue CENTRAL FICTION: News and Gameplay Discussion

    That's a dope attitude.
  9. Steve-Fiction

    [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    I can pretty much agree with everything stated here.
  10. Steve-Fiction

    Blazblue Alternative Dark War for iOS/Android announed

    Ciel looks pretty cool. Her weapon looks like a Duel Disc or something.
  11. Steve-Fiction

    Site Feedback/Suggestions

    After removing likes and reactions, my main way of contributing is gone. #bringbackthefaces
  12. Steve-Fiction

    New player, need help deciding on main

    Heyyy, that's rad. Hope you'll have fun with it.
  13. Steve-Fiction

    New player, need help deciding on main

    I like Haehyun for a number of reasons. For one, I like badass old dudes as well as big characters, and Haehyun happens to be both. I like that the gameplay is simple but with twists. The kickloops are the most fun I've ever had with difficult combos, and the oki is a lot of fun to pull off.
  14. Steve-Fiction

    Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    Nothing about what Aegis did was wrong or being an ass. There is no concrete evidence for Baiken being 100 years old, so claiming it as a fact was wrong. Blade pointed towards some pretty good stuff in the Guilty Gear canon that supports what he now admitted to be a theory, and we can leave this behind now. Way too many pages of "Is it canon?" "Kinda." "No, is it canon?" "Some of it is." I think we all got that there is no source that states "Baiken is 100 years old", but she definitely is older than she looks. We can believe what we want to for now and leave this behind please.
  15. Steve-Fiction

    Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    Best bit of Guilty Gear story to me. I didn't want it to stop.