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  1. I love this. I'm very much looking forward to Answer.
  2. Some nice merch right here.
  3. Thanks for the like.
    Mai full screen unblockable astral is still <3

    1. Steve-Fiction


      No problem man, that stuff was super funny. Almost makes me want to play her.

  4. Let's be real here, we all love the Jubei discussion. If we didn't, TekkamanArc's one Jubei post per page would be nothing more than a Jubei post per page.
  5. So badass middle age guy 1 died while badass middle age guy 2 was a young woman all along. I hate it. I do kind of appreciate that they give a reason why everybody hates the Zero Squadron and the idea that Tenjo was even more relevant and mysterious than we thought isn't bad either, but man it's getting ridiculous. Had they revealed much sooner that Tenjo is actually a girl, he'd be playable now.
  6. Pretty sure if this is real it's pre battle. I can't imagine this would be her stance.
  7. Same experience. I do still love the games and thus will keep on playing them, even if they do show some unappealing mannerisms like this once in a while.
  8. Let's be fair, your wishlist is super obscure (very cool characters, but still).
  9. If it ends up being true, I'm very disappointed, too. I love the additional characters and story content, and I also love filling my shelf with games. Also, that's one chance less to get the game dubbed. No regrets.
  10. Trailer for her is up, too.
  11. I was expecting more arcade news first, it seems like two new characters before console release isn't all that much, but if they would come out with plans to release it, I'd be mad hype for that. Maybe the tiny amount of new characters could mean that they were working on other stuff (Story Mode?), but that's probably just wishful thinking.
  12. Holy shit this is hype.It includes Tenjo, Mei-Fang, Kliff badass old guy and Jin as a main character? I am SO down for that. (now all that cool stuff just needs to be localized)
  13. Wow, so we can see portraits of characters from behind now? Was that known? This seems like it could have been inspired by Xblaze. That's a pleasant surprise.
  14. You completely misunderstood. The idea was that no matter what course of action ArcSys took, they would have disappointed a large part of their fanbase. An early release without a dub disappoints dub-lovers. A late release with dub disappoints those that just want to play as soon as possible. I don't think anybody assumed that there was some malicious scheme involved. What Hero19 did was point out that the situation was hard to resolve with every party being satisfied.
  15. I totally cared with Revelator, though. I enjoy the game way less than Sign. I agree that it's even worse with Central Fiction.