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  1. Quick Links__________ Official Website Youtube playlist Youtube playlist 2 (yep we have that much media) Wiki (currently down, please try again later...) Translated Trophy List Media System Guide Character Guide (coming soon) Info__________ Publisher: Aqua+ Developer: Examu Genre: 2-on-2 2D Fighting game Release: June/22/2011, December/1/2011 (ver 1.5A) Updates__________ 11/25/11 - Ver 1.5A Annnounced!!! - Aquapazza is seeing a new revision which will balance the original cast and even add 2 new characters (1 Point, 1 Partner)!!! You can find out more about the update here! GET HYPE! 6/27/11 - Daily updates stopped! - Since it's pretty clear we can expect at least 1 new video a day for awhile I'm gonna stop spamming the news section, I posted a link to my playlist for all the AP videos I post so you can check that, also I always post and embed the latest videos on a post anyways. GET HYPE®! 6/25/11 - SERIOUS BUSINESS - Today I share with you videos from AP first recorded tournament! Enjoy. 6/24/11 - Things keep rollin' - I wonder when I'll stop writing here, surely by now everyone expects daily footage right? At least until SBO. Well 4 new videos added providing over an hour of entertainment. Riannon is the latest salt in these for me (such a stupid character...) 6/23/11 - Daily Video? - Just dropping off some more match videos, you can view them below in the media section 6/22/11 - Day 1, GO! - Aquapazza came out today! And to celebrate of course I've added some Day 1 footage, I am also currently working on extending the "guide" and adding movelist, so look forward to that! 6/7/11 - Are you ready for the party!? - Today the media section has been uploaded with the game's opening animation; with a catchy song and glimpses at a hidden character I think it's well put together! Now we just have to wait for release, SBO here we come! 5/23/11 - Footage GET! 2! - Nothing big just found some more vids so I decided to post em, of course not great quality but it's nice to get to see more of the game. There's suppose to be a big even early next month so hopefully when get something in finer quality before the game releases. 5/18/11 - Footage GET! - Thanks to the sleuthing of Tachyons we have received four new videos of the final build of Aquapazza (although they are in rather low quality....but it's better than nothing). Hopefully with the game releasing next month we'll get a good flood of new HQ stuff! 5/10/11 - (Not so) lost in translation -! Finally after all the procrastination and promises, the system guide is finally complete! Anything relating to gameplay that you can find on the website has been faithfully translated into a more user friendly format for non-Japanese speaking players! A big, BIG thanks to Kazukifafner for aiding with translation when no one else would! Hopefully when more information comes out I can rely on him again (or other kind hearted souls!). I know the thread is getting a big clunky that to my chosen format, but that may soon change...but we'll discuss that when we approach that bridge. :3 5/9/11 - Hello world - Just a small updated stating the release of Aquapazza, today on the game's official blog it states the game will be seeing release sometime next month! This doesn't give much time for people entering SBO but hopefully it'll make for interesting test time... Oh Examu you so clever! Put your new game in a big tournament but only release it just shy of a month before it begins, thus forcing people to drop some major coinage to learn :3 4/28/11 - The OFFICIALLY HYPED edition - I saw a new PV today and in the screencap I saw the, now very much liked, "Encounter With A Newcomer" so imagine my hype (and squeals) when I played it and saw what I had been waiting for since this game's announcement, TOUKA!!!! Yes today's videos and screens introduce us to the mighty Evenkuruga warrior Touka as well as two more assist characters in the form of Octavia (from Tears) and Rina (from White Album, which was quite a shock to see not only 1 but 2 White Album characters make their way into the game)! This brings the roster to 10 point characters and 9 assist, interestingly enough today's video ends with the message "Aqua+ Dream Match finally coming," could this mean this is the final roster and they game hit finally hit arcades? 4/8/11 - My new waifu edition? - Today a video was released to show of the secretly announced characters mention in the previous updated, BUT we also get to see a whole new character! Morgan from Tears to Tiara has come to even the odds with her might bow, and Konomi looks like shota supreme with some Kisaragi humor! If Touka doesn't make the cut (; A; ) at least I have Konomi to look forward to...maybe I should play To Heart 2... Screens and trailer can be viewed in the media post :3 4/5/11 - There's an update but don't tell anybody! - Ah April Fool's, a time where you can't trust any news and info you may hear from the entertainment world, well this latest updated happened on that fated day, but now we can rest easy knowing that it is real! At a glance you'll notice the site got a (much needed) makeover and viewing information and updates is much more streamlined, but upon inspection of the character tabs lies the true update! 3 new characters! (1 point and 2 assist). Someone on the dev team sure does love the To Heart series as they have THE most representatives on both sides of the roster (point/assist) and the new point character Konomi hails from this world! Utawarerumono gets another rep in the form of Urtoriy (or Ulthury according to the site, which is actually the best name altercation I've seen so far) fun not Urtoriy is actually Kamyu's sister for those of you who don't know! And lastly is a big shock as our 2nd new assist character is Yuki from the White Album series! Honestly I didn't expect to see this series but it's a nice addition, even if she won't be joining the fray directly. Hopefully a proper reveal trailer will be shown soon! 3/11/11 - Encounter with a Newcomer! - Today Examu showed off the ass kicking that Hakuro and Riannon will be giving (or doing) for you when Aquapazza releases! The trailer can be viewed in the media post, and hopefully there are still MORE CHARACTER WILL COMING SOON! 2/28/11 - The NOT Touka Edition - As the trailer promised two new characters have been announced and you can probably guess from the title neither one is the character I want, however they both bring something that was still needed to the game. Hakuro is not only the 2nd Utawarerumono representative (3rd if you count Assist) but he is also the 2nd male in the roster (understandable as Aqua+ is infamous for making harem date-sims.) Riannon is the 2nd/3rd Tears to Tiara character as well, showing that the more hardcore of Aqua+'s titles were not forgotten! 2/25/11 - More Characters Will Coming Soon! - Added new media today and updated information. Also the new trailers reveals there will be more (hopefully Touka playable) characters soon! Also it seems this really is an Aqua+ Dream match as recently revealed assist hail from other projects! (Comic Party!) One last tidbit; It appears AquaPazza will be debuting at SBO '11! 1/29/11 - www. - Official website added. Not much to look at however. 1/26/11 - What the!? - Aquapazza is an inter-crossover fighting game featuring characters from Aqua+'s visual novel games (if you want to get technical they only published the titles, and this is more of a Leaf crossover) The main series include the To Heart, Utawarerumono, Tears to Tiara, and Comic Party! Release is slated for Arcades sometime in Spring this year and it's be developed by Examu (ya know the Arcana Heart/Daemon Bride guys :3) it will also utilize the ever popular NESiCAxLive system. Here are the 5 confirmed characters so far (note non-Japanese names don't match up because I'm going by common spelling, aka pre-this game :P): Tamaki (To Heart 2) Arawn (Tears to Tiara) Karura (Utawarerumono) Multi (To Heart) Manaka (To Heart 2)
  2. Killer Instinct (2013)

    lol Ok yeah so [obviously] X1 exclusive, uhh, not much shown, Glacius, Sabrewulf, Jago shown. 3D graphics on a 2D plane. ULTRA COMBOS! Oh...developed by Double Helix [silent Hill: Homecoming, Front Mission: Evolved] lol
  3. [LM] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Welp, we're getting a new character and Arcana, I wrote them a message and they responded positively to it, so I'm really, Really, REALLY hoping we get to vote on the additional pair instead of just receiving Shark Girl/Parace by default . . . LORD MASTER DARK HEART-SAMA'S ASCENSION IS STILL NIGH!!
  4. [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Wagner's functions are so cool to play with, too bad I'll know I'll get wrecked since I have negative neutral lul #netplayer
  5. [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Noted and changed my original post, health regen prevented me from noticing the supplemental damage ' x' However it comes with a fair wealth of risk since you need the hitbox (which still doesn't gain any invulerability) to hit, you still need to apply both buffs before hand, you lose the wealth of options the buffs provide, and the fact that the DOT is dependent on your proximity to the opponent (the further away you get, the weaker the effect, and the maximum range is less than half of starting neutral). But it does look like you are safe enough to reapply a buff after it hits, so maybe . . . *grin*
  6. [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Probably late to the party, but: Wagner mechanic notes: 22+X__________ 22+A will enhance your sword, granting a small damage buff to 66+B/C, 236+A/B (ground or air) and its follow-up. The important note here is that you also gain the ability to attack (cannot block, Assault, or Shield) immediately after doing an enhanced 236+A/B (ground or air) follow-up, where the normal version prevents you from doing anything until you land; this will open up new combo opportunities. 22+B enhances your shield which will give 214+A/B and B+C start-up super armor, which can take multiple hits but will lose to attacks still active during their own active/later frames (when super armor is lost). 214+A/B also gains projectile invulnerability (note: B+C by default nullifies projectiles, you can even Special/EX cancel after nullifying a projectile!) and 214+B is even made safe on block. 22+C will enhance both your sword and shield at the same time and even has an added hitbox (note: NOT invulnerable) and also has an interesting quirk; if you already have either your sword or shield enhanced before activating you will get both buffed, but if both are already enhanced before doing this move you will lose both but the hitbox receives a damage boost and (so long as you remain within close proximity to the opponent) applies damage of over time if it hits, which lasts for about roughly 600 frames or until you are hit (cannot K.O. and still not invulnerable). Also the buff from 22+X has no time based duration, the only way to lose it is to either use the enhanced special associated with it (A = ground or air 236+A/B > X. B = B+C or 214+A/B) or if you get hit. Another interesting note, if you have both buffs on at the same time, when you are hit, you will only lose 1, with the 2nd buff going first, UNLESS you gained both buffs from 22+C, then you will always lose shield buff first (note: you can circumvent this by reapplying the A buff after the C buff, but really, if you have time to do that . . .)
  7. [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Whew, ARC is going to have to step their game up when it comes to Combo Challenges. Also Wagner seems like a pretty cool dude so far, it's odd having some many options and being able to just chain into whatever. I can't tell if UNiB was always like this or if I'm just remembering Yuzuriha being far more stiff (in her routes) than she actually was.
  8. [LM] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Nah, I don't think so. Like I said, the Arcana Kickstarter has done well, just not amazing; but it accomplished its main goal of showing EXAMU that fans will back up their words and support such initiatives. Daemon Bride has been long since desired to see a consumer version, but it suffered an even more niche status and underwhelming sales/usage in arcades than Arcana did, that is why it has NEVER received a console port, because no one approached EXAMU to do so (remember EXAMU is just a developer, SIX STARS!!!!!! will be their first "self published" game). We're in a much different era of game production as opposed to when Daemon Bride originally came out, and the thus far modest success of Arcana's Kickstarter is nothing but good news for Daemon Bride. Honestly, I can see that (maybe after a Daemon Bride campaign) EXAMU might pursue their next original IP through crowdfunding, or at least try to re-launch the AH4 initiative.
  9. [LM] News & Gameplay Discussion

    There are pretty much 3 key points one needs to look at when considering growth in a crowdfunding campaign: But that's just my two cents. There has been a (Japanese exclusive) long term crowdfunding initiative for Arcana Heart 4 going on for awhile now . . . and let me tell you, it's not going that well . . . It's no exaggeration that SIX STARS!!!!!! could be the series last breath, which is why it would be especially sad if we didn't get all that planned extra content because I would like to see the series go out on its best foot.
  10. [LM] News & Gameplay Discussion

    *sigh* With the loss of momentum will the RISE OF DARK HEART be only a pipe dream . . .
  11. [LM] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Real talk: 3 easily had the weakest OST in the series (sadly) but LOVE MAX!!!!! brought back and remixed older tracks, so if the SIX STARS!!!!!! OST includes those arrangements, it'd be pretty worth it.
  12. [LM] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Actually they tease 3 new characters (if goals are met) and in the campaign video you can actually see the concept designs for 1 clearly with the other two obscured in mosaic filters. From the sound of it, it seems like these characters were originally planned to be added in from the start but then production on the series came to a halt . . . Also, I am far more proud of this than I have any right to be ' x'
  13. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    I have A LOT of (divisive) opinions on REVELATOR's story as a whole, but seriously, Dizzy's was completely under utilized and used poorly. She essentially spent several years dead and outside of a (criminally) brief (yet more understandable as they were RIGHT in the middle of a crisis) scene, no one so much as batted an eyelash. I was hoping for more in the sequel and somehow got EVEN LESS! So yeah, some shit needs to change. I'm interested in seeing her interact with Ky and Sin, but (especially now with everything out in the open) Sol and Dizzy need some serious 1-on-1 time.
  14. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    All I want from Dizzy's Episode/role in REV 2's extended story is Father-Daughter time with her and Sol.
  15. Can't help with that, but on the Baiken loktest doc we have a few gifs (click on move names with links) of moves now ' 3'
  16. That . . . Would be cool . . .
  17. Just to let you guys know, we're compiling a document of Baiken stuff that we learn from this test.
  19. (PS4) Fantasy Strike

    Ya know, I was going to shrug that off as one of your overly impulsive comments, as if fighters had never taken inspiration from other sources (not limited to each other) . . . then I saw these:
  20. (PS4) Fantasy Strike

    No, cause Yomi is a card game (which serves a completely different, and arguably more niche, audience) and was more compromise than anything else. Literally all of Sirlin's games (Yomi, Flash Duel, Puzzle Strike, Codex . . . hell even Pandante) have essentially been leading to this, he's finally come full circle. Sirlin has an . . . "interesting" philosophy of game design; while I cannot argue that all his games are at least "fun" I never know how to feel about them upon putting more thought into them, and the mechanics of Fantasy Strike (really, why did you name it the same as the overarching metaworld) are giving me that same feeling of questionable unease. But I'll wait till PSX vids and reports before forming a more formal opinion. At the very least I have main (Setsuki) and sub (Jaina) that are always universally appealing to me in each game.
  21. Chaos Code

    Ahhh, that sweet Engrish . . . Anyways, some quick playing around:
  22. Chaos Code

    Like the original game, both the Asia and Japan versions should have identical text options (though I can't speak to the quality, as the PS3 version was very "Engrish")
  23. We'll probably hear about Xrd 3.0 in February, at the next JAEPO (arcade expo) as other companies (SNK, FK Digital) are teasing their next projects for there and that is where the new NESSiCAxLive 2 is being fully unveiled.
  24. King of Fighters XIV (PS4)

    WTF, I sequester myself to the mountains in order to hone my skills and everything just dies here Q.Q Anyways, English patch notes for 1.03 which brings a few welcome improvements!