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  1. Central Fiction Story Discussion

    Well... She is alive then, good! She must be pissed off as hell that Carl became a jerkass like their father. Also, where are the mods to clean this mess?
  2. Central Fiction Story Discussion

    Well... I know that Ada is inside Nirvana, however, someone here said that her soul was destroyed which would mean that she died while Nirvana remained just a husk.
  3. Central Fiction Story Discussion

    Well... Another question, did Ada Clover die for real? I've read here that her soul was destroyed fighting Ignis but in the end Nirvana is shown following Carl, did Ragna's reset brought her back or something?
  4. Central Fiction Story Discussion

    Well... Dang, the booty was just an illusion! As for Nu, her ending is really bittersweet, Ragna couldn't save her completely from her own madness and now she is bond to a bed until she finds a new purpose in life. At least Lambdachops got out the best way possible. Two out of the three shown Murakumos ended sane and happy in Mori's insane shitstorm of desperation, I'd call that victory.
  5. Central Fiction Story Discussion

    Well... One thing which wasn't left clean for me is what happened with Trinity in the arcade when compared to the story. I have been told that Platinum build a new body for Trinity using Muchorin but in the story it seemed as if her ghost took control of Susanoo to cut down Terumi and Ragna. What the hell exactly happened between those two event, if they happened at all?
  6. Central Fiction Speculations/Theories

    Well... I took me two free bans to find out this thread existed, hope a lightning bolt does me justice! XD Naoto shows up Ragna's tatoo when powered up and now that it has been confirmed that Prime Field Devices are able to mate, I couldn't help but think that maybe Naoto's and Saya's mother was a PFD.
  7. Central Fiction Story Discussion

    Well... Naoto did say that the Hakumen of his universe was a woman called justice, it wouldn't be far fetched to consider his Hakumen a time displaced Tsubaki.
  8. Central Fiction Story Discussion

    Well... The story comes full circle: -Ragna was Bloodedge, the unsung hero who stopped the Black Beast for an entire year only to be forgotten by all but the Six Heroes. -Ragna was the Black Beast itself, whose origins were unknown to all but the ones who could observes through the loops of time. -Ragna was the Grim Reaper, an enemy who the world feared but whose true motives and emotions were unknown to all but a select few. -Ragna then became the heart of Amaterasu and saved the world, only to be forgotten by all but the current Observer and the Guardian of the Azure. Ragna's entire story has been him shaping History without ever being acknowleged for it so the logical conclusion to that path of obscurity was him ceasing to exist but bringing about the greatest possible benefit in return.
  9. Central Fiction Story Discussion

    Well... So Mu is not stuck inside Amaterasu, at least that leaves Hazama's target of HUG.EXE available for future games. EDIT: Speaking of HUG.EXE, Nu looked pretty miserable now that Ragna choose to become one with Amaterasu instead of her, I heard she took a heavy beating from Hakumen that left her in that state though. Maybe if Alpha-01 shows up Nu can recover and get over Ragna by joining the other team!
  10. Central Fiction Story Discussion

    Well... So Hazama without Terumi is basically like a reverse Nu, he has a messed up head because of what he was created for and because of those who used him thus he wants to become one with his other half, only that he is a body without a heart to feel instead of a heart who wants a body to release it's pent up emotions. On that subject, didn't Mu and Izanami fused with Noel to recreate Saya then ejected the parts which didn't contain Saya as the "new" Noel we see in the ending? Is nun Noel the 12th Prime Field Device which Hazama is after or did Mu become part of the Saya we see with Ragna staying inside the Master Unit? Where the hell have all the Lux Sanctus Murakumo noxes have gone to anyway?
  11. Central Fiction Story Discussion

    Well... Wasn't Rachel's scene that last one shown? How do we know it's on the same time period as the rest of the ending? I see three possibilities: 1- Valkenhein is pouring tea to a Rachel who sleeps and the scene with Ragna's grave takes place in the future after she awakes. 2- Rachel pays her homages to Ragna right before going to sleep. 3- Maybe she doesn't need to sleep because of the reasons you pointed.
  12. Central Fiction Story Discussion

    Well... Or maybe that scene takes place a 100 years after the ending of CF, who knows.
  13. Central Fiction Story Discussion

    Well... Trinity is the Sakura of BB, she is hopelessly in love with an imaginary version of a psychopath whose real self betrays and ditches her to a miserable death without a second thought. It's still up for debate if Sasuke really married Sakura or if he had a child with someone else for eugenic shenanigans and just put her under a Genjustu to ward of suspicion until he goes full Susanoo on the idiots who trust him. Anyhow, at least Trinity got to cut down the bastard who corrupted Kazuma/Hazama which is something Sakura can never claim to redeem her character.
  14. Central Fiction Story Discussion

    Well... Aerith is probably rolling on her grave over this but villains gotta pop out of nowhere to keep the plot moving.
  15. Central Fiction Arcade Plot Discussion (spoilers)

    Well... Given your avatar I guess you've just received a lot of tentacle related fanfic material!