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  1. Central Fiction Story Discussion

    CF win quote screenshots:!mxhDXDrC!fm-GLjGWiLLQtoYbD542sA Organized by act then character. Each picture is labeled by roster number and vs. character. ex. 01.01 Ragna vs. Ragna, or 33.15 Susano'o vs. Mu, etc. Thank you, I thought I had gone through the recap but I guess I only watched it on youtube.
  2. Central Fiction Story Discussion

    Not sure if anybody else has made this, but I wrote down the win quotes for CF's arcade mode. I haven't verified most of the entries for Act 2, but I doubt they change aside from Ragna's. I also have screenshots for them all. Does anybody know how to unlock the Library entries for Locations 58 and Weapons 31? I've gone through all of story mode and every single arcade mode, but those two are still blank.
  3. BlazBlue: Remix Heart & Variable Heart Discussion

    I meant to say that I had the impression that the win quotes were written before Mai's arcade mode and without full consideration of VH--arcade mode being a completely different thing that was written with VH in mind. Act 3 win quotes change a lot even to suit small things, but yet Mai doesn't fully recognize the bearer of the Azure Grimoire? Platinum only gets a dime a dozen small breasts joke instead of finding Mai remotely familiar? Even Mai just says she sympathizes with Platinum because of the girl/thing with Luna and Sena. On a different note, I appreciate Variable Heart for showing Ragna as an antagonist. I felt like BB failed to put its money where its mouth was regarding Ragna's criminal activities, and even backtracked on him killing people, so this is nice to see.
  4. BlazBlue: Remix Heart & Variable Heart Discussion

    I would think Ragna would remember the girl who stopped him from killing a prime field device, and Mai would remember the man who has the Azure Grimoire. It's not like it takes place in Act 1 or 2 where everyone is still under the memory alteration--it's just strange that these events happen in VH yet her win quotes, Ragna's, or Platinum's don't reference it all, and it adds to the discrepancies between her in VH and CF. Maybe they were written before VH was planned out fully or without consideration of VH. Es vs. Ragna and Naoto are a little strange as well.
  5. BlazBlue: Remix Heart & Variable Heart Discussion

    I think this is probably the case. Ragna is also like who are you? even when sensing Mai's grimoire, and Platinum just has yet another wah my boobs are small type win quote. Even Mai doesn't seem to recognize Bell/Platinum.
  6. BlazBlue: Central Fiction [RIP PROGRESS]

    Does anybody have insight into extracting the scripts for the arcade mode of CSEX PC? I can get CSEX's story mode and arcade mode for CT, but CSEX arcade mode is encrypted and I only get gibberish when I try to view it.
  7. Central Fiction Arcade Plot Discussion (spoilers)

    What I meant about Phase Shift 2 coming out only two years after Phase 0 is more about how I think it's just a callback. Readers see this line, maybe flip through Phase 0 again and go, "Oh, that's neat." Clavis had only finished talking about the world being a repeating dream of God's, and then he says that he can't remember the name of that person because he's now a part of the repeating dream. That says to me that at some point he wasn't, but now he is. With that in mind, I find it much more probable he's talking about Jin's brother than Naoto, if Naoto was even planned at that time.
  8. Central Fiction Arcade Plot Discussion (spoilers)

    Clavis tells Ragna to live true to his heart as well. Given his line about the repeating dream and Phase 0 coming out only two years before, I think it is intended to be Ragna. He could just retain his memories across time.