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  1. JRH

    Central Fiction Story Discussion

    I guess we will have to wait and see what the future holds depending on the popularity of characters like Nine, Naoto, and Es. Still, it is clear that Terumi will remain dead, otherwise the plot of the four games would have been pointless.
  2. JRH

    Central Fiction Arcade Plot Discussion (spoilers)

    You don't need to curse about this stuff, also it is definitely Black Susanoo because there are what seems to be magatama (Beads from prehistoric Japan) in it. P.S. I think the image of little Celica is going be in one of the game's cut-scenes, meaning that Nine will decide not to destroy the world when she sees her, and Nine will stop her fight with Ragna and allow him to destroy Take-Mikazuchi for good.
  3. JRH

    Central Fiction Arcade Plot Discussion (spoilers)

    You might be right cause it is either that or the story mode will have some flashbacks to certain events in the arcade mode so we will have to wait and see to be sure.
  4. JRH

    Central Fiction Arcade Plot Discussion (spoilers)

    Maybe the sub-scenarios are flashbacks to certain parts of the arcade mode, so it probably means that we don't have to worry too much about rehashing.
  5. JRH

    Central Fiction Arcade Plot Discussion (spoilers)

    What do you make of this?
  6. JRH

    Central Fiction Arcade Plot Discussion (spoilers)

    You are right, we will get all of this speculation sorted out after someone completes the story mode. P.S. Hakumen will definitely find Nine's possible dream of Ragna healing the world utterly ridiculous due to the fact that Ragna is the source of all evil, so Nine may be challenging him to end her dream. I can probably tell by her voice, which might be in a non-condescending tone.
  7. JRH

    Central Fiction Arcade Plot Discussion (spoilers)

    I guess we will have to wait for the story mode to find out what happens now won't we? Also, in Platinum's Act 3, Nine chose to fight her rather then give out information about Noel Vermillion for some reason. I wonder why she would do that when she wants everyone to go after Noel.
  8. JRH

    Central Fiction Arcade Plot Discussion (spoilers)

    Guys, do you think that Terumi sent Celica to confront Nine so that he could find out the location of Hihiirokane from her? If so that was a very risky move on his part because it shows that Nine is still the same as she always was protecting Celica. This may be part of Nine's character arc, meaning that she will finally listen to her and stop neglecting her personality.
  9. JRH

    Central Fiction Arcade Plot Discussion (spoilers)

    In the console trailer, Nine said something about trying to end her dream in a non-condescending tone. Who was she speaking to and what could this mean? P.S. The story mode will follow one character in each episode of the chapters, meaning that people should play the arcade mode to avoid confusion with the characters' actions.
  10. JRH

    Central Fiction Arcade Plot Discussion (spoilers)

    I guess that you and some others have not watched Celica's Act 3 ending yet. Besides, it is too early to come to that conclusion because Nine did not respond back to her, meaning that she is unsure of what to do now.
  11. JRH

    Central Fiction Arcade Plot Discussion (spoilers)

    I won't argue with you about this since this is your personal opinion but it appears that every time an Entitled is killed in the Embryo, there is a time reset like when Ragna kills Izanami, so there is a chance no one major will die unless the Master Unit is sent back through the Azure Gate.
  12. JRH

    Central Fiction Arcade Plot Discussion (spoilers)

    Guys despite this, Nine may have reconsidering destroying the world because Celica may have reminded her that Ragna chose to hold off the Black Beast for Celica's sake and since the story mode may contain more relevance to Ragna, certain events may be confusing unless people play the arcade mode. I am looking forward to her interactions with Ragna and what she plans to do after the battle is over. P.S. I don't see Nine dying because she said to someone (probably Hakumen) in the Console PV to try to end her dream, and since it was not in a condescending tone, it may indicate that she has chosen to believe in Ragna despite what others may think.
  13. But it will be worth it, just wait and see. It may be released in 2.5 years due to demand. P.S. The guy on the Gear Project Tumblr profile said that Arcs would discuss the English dub in future development meetings so that gives us a little hope for it.
  14. Maybe they will dub it in the inevitable extend version if we give them the money, they have chosen not to do one but it doesn't mean they will do one later because this is the same situation that happened with CP. P.S. We may have to keep mailing Arcs about it to get through to them, and make them understand that even though dubs are expensive it is worth it.
  15. True, but we shouldn't lose hope cause there is always the extend version. P.S. We should take this in Voice Acting.