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  1. But it will be worth it, just wait and see. It may be released in 2.5 years due to demand. P.S. The guy on the Gear Project Tumblr profile said that Arcs would discuss the English dub in future development meetings so that gives us a little hope for it.
  2. Maybe they will dub it in the inevitable extend version if we give them the money, they have chosen not to do one but it doesn't mean they will do one later because this is the same situation that happened with CP. P.S. We may have to keep mailing Arcs about it to get through to them, and make them understand that even though dubs are expensive it is worth it.
  3. True, but we shouldn't lose hope cause there is always the extend version. P.S. We should take this in Voice Acting.
  4. They may decide to make the English voices DLC or put them in the Extend version cause even though they said won't do one, it looks inevitable since this is the same thing that happened in BBCP.
  5. There is still a chance that the English voices will be back for the Extend version since Arcs will be discussing it even after the game is released in the west.
  6. Oh well there is always the Extend version or DLC so let's keep supporting Arc System Works for the dub.
  7. You are right, so lets spread the word about getting the Extend version dubbed and try to help Aksys and Arcs afford it. We can't give up because this version won't have it.
  8. They may decide to do a dub in the Extend version which gives them more time to get things organized. Just keep mailing and pestering Arc System Works about it and they may eventually give in. P.S. BBCFEX appears inevitable because this is the same thing that happened with BBCP's Library.
  9. The official Aksys website page on CF and the info on http://blazblueuniverse.com/bbcf/ show that the release for NA is still in the Winter, meaning that the exact release date has not been revealed yet or the Fall date on the trailer was an error. P.S. Since it is kinda related to voice acting, try to post it there instead.
  10. Guys, Pqubes said on their Twitter account that it is not the official release date so I think we can relax a little bit.
  11. Guys be more patient, People are blowing out of proportion Patrick Seitz's tweet about him not knowing or being contacted about working for Central Fiction despite the game being just a few months away from the planned release date. That can be seen as an indicator that a dub indeed might happen, but it also could mean the dub will be a rush job or the localization might get delayed. Continuum Shift Extend was a case of rushed dub work, it was done in two months. So keep sending them pleas and emails about how much you like it so that they change their minds. You could even email the head of Arcs System Works if you must. P.S. It may come out as free DLC so you don't have to pay for it.
  12. It will be definitely be free DLC, that way people who don't care about the dub can play it, and people who do care will get it when it is ready. It could get even better because since we have Arc's attention on the English dub, they may consider releasing it in the US later in Spring or Summer 2017 to have enough time to do the audio. I am sure they will not repeat the mistake they made with Revelator because they will realize that having no dub will cause a big backlash in their sales, fans and voice actors. P.S. If we keep being supportive and insistent on them keeping the dub, they will consider doing it.
  13. Guys, the Aksys website and many other english stores such as Gamestop, Best Buy, and Playasia have Central Fiction listed to be released in Winter 2016, not Fall 2016, which gives us a higher chance for a dub. Also Winter 2016 could mean anywhere from December 2016 to January, February, or March 2017. P.S. I don't get why people are freaking out and believing that there will be no dub because of Xrd Revelator. Even if there are a lot of arcade stories and a 45 hour story mode, it doesn't mean they can't dub it and not announce it. Give them time, I am sure they will be able to do it in time.
  14. Have patience with them, I am sure they know it will be a big blow to their company if they cut out the dub so they are either taking their time and getting the dub done faster or choosing to be quiet about it because they feel they are not ready to reveal it yet.
  15. Guys, Winter 2016 could mean late December 2016, January, February, or early March 2017, that is plenty of enough time for dubbing so you shouldn't worry. P.S. You people need to stop taking this rumor seriously before it gets out of hand.