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  1. But it will be worth it, just wait and see. It may be released in 2.5 years due to demand. P.S. The guy on the Gear Project Tumblr profile said that Arcs would discuss the English dub in future development meetings so that gives us a little hope for it.
  2. Maybe they will dub it in the inevitable extend version if we give them the money, they have chosen not to do one but it doesn't mean they will do one later because this is the same situation that happened with CP. P.S. We may have to keep mailing Arcs about it to get through to them, and make them understand that even though dubs are expensive it is worth it.
  3. True, but we shouldn't lose hope cause there is always the extend version. P.S. We should take this in Voice Acting.
  4. Oh well there is always the Extend version or DLC so let's keep supporting Arc System Works for the dub.
  5. The official Aksys website page on CF and the info on http://blazblueuniverse.com/bbcf/ show that the release for NA is still in the Winter, meaning that the exact release date has not been revealed yet or the Fall date on the trailer was an error. P.S. Since it is kinda related to voice acting, try to post it there instead.
  6. Sourenga I am interested in seeing the remaining Act 3 arcade stories, could you please tell me the password?