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  1. In&Out

    [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    Is that specifically what they said? Because if so, we just might be getting something more than just RWBY english voices, otherwise I don't think they would attract attention to it like that. But since they also refused to confirm that the entire game will be dubbed, I can't help but think about a possibility of a "partial dub" of sorts. That would probably mean: A) Everyone but the UNIEL crowd having english voices, since UNIEL games were never dubbed. and/or B) Only in-battle voices are dubbed, but the story mode is left in Japanese, which would cost ASW a lot less time and money. Kinda cheap, but honestly at this point I'd be okay with it, because it would at least mitigate the biggest crime of a sub-only version - not translating in-game interactions at all.
  2. In&Out

    [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    So, what do we have here? Half the cast as a DLC, apparently no dub - and here I was lowkey hoping that since there's less story... Sigh. But what upsets me the most is that this list all but confirms we're only getting the titular characters from RWBY because of that 1-character DLC. Shame, really.
  3. In&Out

    [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    Couldn't help but feel that Azrael would be kinda dissapointed, seeing how 80% of the cast from the other 3 universes are likely to be just kids with superpowers Let's hope so, because I'm starting to worry our four main heroines is all we'll get.
  4. In&Out

    [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    Hey, that's amazing! Not only Hazama is confirmed (was worried they'd only include Terumi instead), but a PC release is announced too? It's like Christmas morning! I was afraid there might be problems with BBTAG arriving to PC because of Atlus, so it's a very pleasant surprise.
  5. You know, I'm actually more intrigued by this than I thought I'd be. Seeing how just about every spin-off was still somehow related to the plot of the main series, I'm curious to know what relevant info we might get from this one.
  6. Huh, that's really neat. Is that supposed to be Jubei's attack affecting the soul of his victim or something like that? Now I wonder which characters will have really unique effects for this, like Terumi's ghost form here.
  7. Wow, don't get me wrong, but that sounds kinda egotistical. What about all those people, to whom Jubei wasn't the most awesomest thing in all of BlazBlue?
  8. Thanks for clarifying about the interview, sounds interesting. Though "balance patch" does not necessarily mean "new edition" It might be just that, some balance changes to accompany Jubei. But I sure hope that if that's really a new version, then Jubei isn't the only new character. While not much of a "When's X?!" person myself, as I said, I'm not really hyped for Jubei.
  9. Define "heard around"? Also, if it is indeed Central Fiction 2 or whatever, seems strange for them to release Jubei as a standalone DLC. Him being a part of an expansion would sell it MUCH better. Unless he is a part of CF2, which would mean we're getting not just one character but an updated version in just a couple of months - but that's too good to be true.
  10. One more thing caught my attention. The artworks of the Six Heroes and Ragna at the end of Jubei's trailer - are those new? Because if so, seems suspicious.
  11. Never was a fan of Jubei, personally, but still, him finally being playable is great. Though I do hope we'll see some more new content besides him, preferably story-related. As for the crossover title, looks very cool, but I see two possible problems with it: 1. The game seems to be re-using assets from earlier ASW games... yet again. That means most of the returning characters will likely be very similar to their original incarnations, and that's a bit boring. 2. A crossover like this means that not every character will make it to the roster, which is especially sad in regards to RWBY. Before knowing that it's a crossover I was really looking forward to the possibility of playing some of the side characters from the show. In a crossover, however, we'll be lucky to get anyone besides the main cast at this point. Stil looks very hype-worthy, though, can't wait until we find out more.
  12. Why be sorry, though? It's not like you forced us to watch it or promised that they'll totally announce something. No worries! But it kinda sucks that all the big announcements are now likely to happen on Sunday. That means due to timezone differences I'll only get to see the news on Monday morning and that isn't nearly as fun.
  13. So hey, since the thread got necro'd anyway, I might as well ask. We're supposed to get some Blazblue-related announcement on EVO, according to what Mori said some time earlier, right? And if so, when can we expect such an announcement - during the tournament on Saturday or only during the finals on Sunday?
  14. In&Out

    BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    A-ha! All those boxes have playable characters on them, except for the one in the top left corner, which has a picture of Kazuma. Playable Kazuma confirmed! Elementary, my dear Watson.
  15. In&Out

    BlazBlue: Remix Heart & Variable Heart Discussion

    I don't know. The whole thing about Ragna allegedly killing people always was pretty vague, but c'mon, the dude's moniker is literally Grim Reaper/God of Death! It's not a name you'd earn with zero bodycount. Honestly, I always thought that the story's attitude towards Ragna's past crimes is a bit of a cop-out. "Look, our grim and angry anti-hero never really killed anyone! It's okay to root for him, kids!"