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  1. That's what I thought when I first noticed this, to be honest, which is why I felt the need to clarify. Because when I saw the narration talking about "wide green eyes", Trinity was my first guess. But hey, this stuff happens. Especially if your friend is not familiar with canon. No worries!
  2. That's... just... Kazuma, you little shit! Anyway, great translation! Thanks to your friend for translating this and to you for posting it here. A question though, according to this fragment, Kazuma's eyes are green. But I always assumed that if he's identical to Terumi and Hazama, his eyes should be yellow. I even initially thought it was a mistake, but no, Kazuma's green eyes are mentioned several times in this text. Was it always known that he had green eyes? Because this is the first time I hear about it.
  3. A-ha! All those boxes have playable characters on them, except for the one in the top left corner, which has a picture of Kazuma. Playable Kazuma confirmed! Elementary, my dear Watson.
  4. I second that.
  5. What, you mean she didn't deserve all that flak she got from Terumi and others for her "betrayal"? Or something else? Just curious, never really got to read Phase Shift novels myself.
  6. I don't know. The whole thing about Ragna allegedly killing people always was pretty vague, but c'mon, the dude's moniker is literally Grim Reaper/God of Death! It's not a name you'd earn with zero bodycount. Honestly, I always thought that the story's attitude towards Ragna's past crimes is a bit of a cop-out. "Look, our grim and angry anti-hero never really killed anyone! It's okay to root for him, kids!"
  7. Thanks! Didn't even think to check for Shini's comments. Well, sounds reassuring enough for the time being. Now if only we knew anything about CF on PC
  8. Wow, definitely didn't expect that Answer fella to become playable... But I'm actually pretty cool with that, love his design. Now the question that bothers me is - I don't own a console, but they (somewhat surprisingly) already released Revelator for Steam. When this DLC is out, how will they handle the PC release date, I wonder? Or could it be that, since it's DLC, there's finally hope for a simultaneous release?
  9. Huh, I knew about the Kazuma doll, but never heard it's Hazama-specific. You know, at this point there are so many little details connecting Hazama and Kazuma on some foreshadowing-like level, I think I'm gonna be disappointed if they are not revealed to be the same guy (or otherwise connected) in the end. Always thought that particular plot-twist would be just... too anime for them not to use it.
  10. Once again, thank you! This is exactly what I needed, and I'm sure a lot of others will find it useful too. Now excuse me, I have a ton of text to read.
  11. I know, right? I was actually almost sure in his last moments he'd be panicking, as he was often prone to do when his plans went south, but what do you know, he literally got the last laugh.
  12. Oh, I know that, thanks, was jus referencing that image in the other thread actually. That's why I said I hope there will be something more.
  13. So apparently CF ends on this image, right?
  14. Gosh! Finally I am at my PC so I can express my thoughts over all those plot twists. Let's see...