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  1. i found some ripped sprites of Es, Mai, and Susano'o on the BlazBlue Wiki 












  2. On 4/12/2014 at 2:05 AM, Kurushii said:

    the link won't let me download it? it just send me back to the same page where you post the link?

  3. 10 hours ago, mintiel said:

    Sorry for the late reply, unfortunately I don't own BBCPEX physically so I cannot do a game rip for it at the current moment. I do believe another part of the forum has the TMML BBCS stuff, but I'm unsure if they ever added BBCSEX (and unfortunately I sold my copy a while ago). I don't know if I will get around to ripping stuff from CPEX as there is materials I need from it and CSEX as well, but I'll figure it out after I have the PSDs for CF done which is probably going to take me a bit due to work, etc.

    Though if anyone has high resolution renders for CSEX & CPEX's character selection art I'd be incredibly grateful for it. I can only seem to find CT's still up.

    Steam has BBCT BBCSEX and BBCPEX

  4. 22 hours ago, mintiel said:

    Haha alrighty I'll compile the rest of them. Thank you for uploading the rest that I hadn't gotten around to.

    Yup I'mma get around to the rest of the PSDs pretty quick (I had a few things I had to do the last few days so I hadn't been around) and I can try finding them, but I'm not sure if they're in there as the game doesn't seem to have Teach Me Miss Litchi in this installation. I mean, usually the sprites are still around, but I think they finally removed the old Terumi story sprites as well so they may have cleaned up.

    ok i mean the old BlazBlue Games with the Teach me Miss Litchi like BBCPEX and BBCSEX

  5. 9 hours ago, mintiel said:

    :s Photoshop is really not liking me align the files nor is it eager to allow me to do a script export to layers, but after a bit of struggling, I do have these for you all:

    Susano'o (Complete)  (PSD 1 2 3)
    Ragna (Newest)  (PSD)
    Arakune/Roy (Roy PSD)
    Naoto 1  (PSD)

    Still have a lot of Naoto to go through, and I might start doing more of Ragna's, because comparing the sprites to the CP rip, it seems a lot of expressions have been added or I'm just bad at recognizing duplicate expressions.

    I will come back with PSDs properly aligned when my photoshop doesn't want to give me grief :I 

    Edit: Added the psds, they should be good for alignment, though Susano'o 1 & 3 were giving me issues. Maybe I am just nitpicky though...

    I'll see if I can get more of Naoto done tomorrow

    Planing to make more in the future? also is there a chance you can get BBCPEX Chibi Sprites of the Characters from Teach me Miss Litchi?

  6. 7 hours ago, mintiel said:

    So, I just got the LE of CF for Christmas and my immediate response was to rip all the files. Since OP doesn't seem to have put up any of the story sprites yet I was thinking of compiling those as PSDs and posting them (alternatively, I can also make a folder with pngs, but you will have to align them yourselves). Figured this is the least I can do since I'm 1: Always lurking here, and 2: Nobody seems to be cutting OP any slack but extractions seem to be in demand :')

    I will probably do this after I sleep though :') as it will probably be a big job


    files are already extracted (as pictured) so it's really just a matter of putting 'em all together after sorting.

    Is there anybody in particular that people would like to see done first?

    where did you get the Character's Story Mode Model Pictures?