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  1. St1ckBuG

    Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    Mangez un pénis. Por favor.
  2. St1ckBuG

    Local Event Forum "Rules"

    So you might have noticed that there has been some cleaning up in this forum recently. This is to keep upcoming events from getting lost is a sea of old events. Please don't take it personally if you see your event thread gone a week or so after the tournament has ended! If you want to post results for your tournament, please post them in the Results Archive. (I would also recommend posting any shutouts there as well!) Here are some "rules" I'm enforcing on this forum (but don't worry, they're nothing you really need to be worried about): 1). Unless your event uses the same thread for each iteration of your tournament, the event thread will be moved to the results archive (linked above). 2). If there hasn't been an update or post in your event thread for more than a month it will be moved to the Events Archive. If I made a mistake and your tournament is still active, please send me a PM and I'll correct the error! 3). Please keep events in this forum to single-day tournaments only. All multi-day events should be posted in the Majors and Regionals Events Forum. Thanks! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to send me a PM!
  3. St1ckBuG

    TSB In Osaka [Spring/Summer 2015]

    Most events in Japan are one day because of work schedules. What would people want on the second day? Different games? I still don't know the price for renting out the venue, so funding might not be a problem. I'll keep this in mind though. I would need other games, outside of ArcSys, to show lots of interest (from both US and Japan) to make renting a second day worth it.
  4. St1ckBuG

    TSB In Osaka [Spring/Summer 2015]

    This is happening. I'm having a tournament in Japan in Spring/Summer of 2015. All signs point to May, but this could definitely change due to a couple factors, mainly if there are other large events (read: Arc Revo) around the proposed time frame. Think of this as a vacation, but you will have an awesome event to attend while in Japan with all of your friends. Event Info Place: Osaka, Japan Date: May 2015 Games: Xrd, BlazBlue(?), P4U2(?), AH3LM, UMvC3 Games will be chosen by their relevance at the time. This will be a 2 day event, but each respective game will only take 1 day. There will be multiple games per day. Finalized dates will be decided very soon. It will either be sometime during Golden Week 2015 (April 28th - May 6th) or the following weekend. So what left is there to do on your end? Prepare. The most important part to all of this is saving up enough money to go, but how much should you save and how should you plan? I've written a guide that will help you get started about what you should be planning for, but it will be posted later. A lot of you are probably wondering why I'm planning an event like this. That's a good question. there are mainly two reasons: 1). To give people an opportunity to play very strong players in a non-arcade format. 2). To give people an opportunity to travel and have fun with the foreign FGC and your friends. Please let me know if you plan on going. I made an initial thread to gauge interest and it seems like there would be a committed core of players that want to make this happen. I'll put in the work, but I'll need you guys behind me in order to make the event successful. Please post up if you're interested in going or if you have any suggestions. I'm all ears. I want to make this event enjoyable, so getting your input would be appreciated.
  5. St1ckBuG

    [FB] Skype Lobby Game Discussion

    Add me: St1ckBuG
  6. St1ckBuG

    Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    No go on the trip. :< Weather is looking shitty and train tickets were sold out.
  7. St1ckBuG

    Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    Alright so, I think we talked Jiyuna into coming to Canada for a couple days. The plan for him and I is to come up on Thursday (we'll get there in the evening), then leave Sunday morning. LK would get there Saturday morning and leave Tuesday. Who can help house Jiyuna and/or me (if possible)? He just doesn't want to sleep on a floor.
  8. St1ckBuG

    Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    My suitcase will only carry so much :<
  9. St1ckBuG

    Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    I just want to eat good food, mash, and stock up on some beer. Need to buy some Porter Baltique.
  10. St1ckBuG

    Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    I would probably come up on the 2nd and stay till Saturday or Sunday.
  11. St1ckBuG

    Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    I might still be able to visit Montreal, not for New Years though. Maybe that weekend.
  12. St1ckBuG

    Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    I work on New Year's Eve, not New Year's Day. I can also take time off if I want. I have plenty. But I would only travel up there if it was worth it!