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  1. Anyone know yet if Jubei is going to be paid DLC? Also, Anyone know why Aksys never offers a sale for there DLC chars? I have been going back to my old games cleaning up some unfinished Trophies. And having all the DLC chars for them would be a huge help. Especially with BlazBlue CS 100 challenges. "Only trophy I am missing and its a sore spot for me at this point." Plus I would love to use Mai in BB CF for the complete all challenges with one character. "Just missing this one and SpeedStar Route C" I dont know what it is with these challenges but man I am terrible at them. I am just a casual "not by choice just that I am just not that great at these games. But I still love playing them".
  2. So can someone explain this again to me? Rev 2 is being released 5/26/17 as a physical copy for $39.99. And the Digital expansion is going to cost $15? If I buy the physical copy, I will get all the DLC from Rev for free on the Disc. But if I download it. It will not add any of the missing DLC? Also, If I buy the Physical copy will it share the Rev 1 trophies?
  3. Unofficial New Character Poll

    Someone sure is salty. I called GG2 a fiasco because it was a fiasco. Nothing wrong with the game itself just that it didn't get the attention it deserved because it was handled incorrectly. And sorry I am not someone who can just buy every single game a company shoves out. Especially Fighting games because you know those twinks they do mean so much to us casual players. What are we to do with out the latest and greatest balancing OOO NOOOO. Guilty Gear XX was still one of my Favorite but I have been enjoying my Xrd ones now too. The others in the middle just didn't offer much of anything too me as a casual consumer. Kinda like How I ONLY bought the main games in BlazBlue, And NOT the Extend version. I even get **** for buying the main copies instead of just waiting for the Extend version to come out like some of my friends. I guess I just am not that kind of consumer.
  4. Unofficial New Character Poll

    I did on a few. Doesn't say much on some of those picks up there. And of course I am a story Noob. GG story has been all over the place. I went right from GGX and GGXX straight too GGXrd. I couldn't even keep track of all the ones in-between them. Than there was that whole GG2 fiasco where it wasn't even a fighter and was only on a Xbox... How about Sharon? Or the original Valentine that I was never even able to meet because I didn't have a Xbox...
  5. Unofficial New Character Poll

    I actually think I wouldn't mind seeing Sharon as a playable character. I know it will never happen But it would be cool to finally be able to play as her. After seeing her for so many years in the back ground. Otherwise I like what they are doing with the new characters. I feel like if they just keep bringing back old ones things are going to start feeling a little... "Packed" I got my Jam and I am getting my Baiken. So I am happy
  6. Unofficial New Character Poll

    Um, Can we get some pictures on here? I cannot recognize half of that list.
  7. O wait maybe that was Xrd.... I can never get the clashes to go through... lol
  8. Quick question, I hear the tutorial is getting changed with the new Rev 2 Expansion. How is this going to effect the Trophy for it? Because I haven't done the speed one yet. And am wondering if this update is going to end up effecting how that trophy is obtained.
  9. Guilty Gear Rev 2 Thoughts?

    Anyone know if you have the original physical Revelator. And you decide to buy the physical release of Rev 2 will they share trophies or not? If Rev 2's physical release gets all the DLC it sounds like the better deal considering the "Expansion will simply take up a ton of your HDD while simultaneously not offering you everything. I really feel bad for those who bought all the DLC. I myself only bought Dizzy and am still feeling a little screwed. I just got this game 2 months ago. if this is how the expansion is going to be than I dont see why they dont offer it for $10. I mean we all DID already 'technically" buy the game already. So why are we paying another $20? O right because Rev didnt sell well so they need to release another one asap... I too was a BlazBlue fan and I am soo glad they finally ended the series. I for one ONLY bought the original copies. And never bought the extend versions. Which always left me feeling ripped off for supporting something from day 1. I was always asked why not just wait a year to get everything at once. I guess thats just not something I am used to doing. Another question though, are Baiken and Answer going to be considered DLC chars for rev 2? And what about the usual game locked char? If they are already in the game would that mean they are planning to release an additional 2 DLC chars?
  10. Guilty Gear Rev 2 Thoughts?

    Well thats kinda worrisome. Why would anyone want to but this Expansion when they could simply buy the disc and get everything on that? So for me to get everything on this new disc I will have to but not only the expansion but also Kum aswell to have everything? And whats worse is that it might end up actully have been cheaper to buy the disc instead if I had not bought Dizzy again. Also Yes I tried the computer method to restore her. I ended up having to contact Sony about it. Where they themselves said they did not see her as a purchase I made. I even showed them that Dizzy WAS on my system. A week later she was gone from my console. Lets do the math here. So, normal game $60 + 2 DLC chars $14 + $18 DLC char colors + $3.50 Avatar heads + expansion "possibly" $20 = $115.50 total And this new game will ether be $40-60 new with everything included. Did I get that all right?
  11. Guilty Gear Rev 2 Thoughts?

    So, this got announced and I am super hyped about them adding Baiken. But, I am still confused about this whole thing... So what the heck is this going to actually be? Is this a new game or just a Update? I hear its getting a physical release and is also being released as a Paid DLC "Like a Expansion". So, If I have the original Revelator and buy this DLC thing does it unlock EVERYTHING the Rev 2 would come with like the all original DLC chars? I am hopeful yet still a little annoyed. That I JUST re-bought Dizzy... I say re-bought because I did get her while she was free. But It somehow did not register as a purchase. It was on my console but not under my purchases. So Sony deleted the char off my system. "I even have a Screen shot of her on my system" But I still had to re-buy her again. And now that this new DLC is coming out that money would have been better spent on this DLC if it indeed does come with the original DLC chars. If it doesn't but the physical copy does get them. I would again feel a little cheated by the fact the Physical copy is getting more stuff than the original... Can anyone clear things up for me?
  12. So I wanted to buy the Chrono Phantasma Extend Lambda Avatar. The one with no mask. But its already gone! That game isnt even that old what the heck?
  13. Yep, Got It. Thanks. Yeah I actually saw it not to long after posting. It was almost a sign... Thank God for Amazon. But seriously why is this game so crazy expensive still? Heck I even found some normal copies asking $70!
  14. So its Black Friday and I want to finally buy my Guilty Gear Revolator game on disc. But NO ONE has it. Not only that but its still ridiculously expensive for some reason. What the heck happened to this game? I do know PSN has it for only $18 but I would rather have it on disc. As I hate Digital Content.