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  1. blazblue

    ragna's effects
  2. blazblue

    rNNN_ the legend was very nice to rip for me the missing character effects and some stage background effects. naoto,nine and susanoo r not in this link since he already posted the links to there effects before hand and i can't find ragna's among the list. he told me to inform u all tht all the files r in dds format so u will need a program like Photoshop or gimp with a dds plugin to view them
  3. blazblue

    give credit to rNNN_ for ripping these effects as he was super nice to take time to do this Effects.rar?dl=0 Effects.rar?dl=0
  4. blazblue

    this might be silly but i cannot find the sprite effect for naoto's divine reaper distortion drive. is there any chance tht someone can get it ripped?
  5. blazblue

    u will have to use a image editor like photoshop to open up his default palette. in photoshop open image>mode>color table then load the first palette file found in his palette folder
  6. blazblue

    awesome man. just one more thing i would like to ask is can u get NOL noels sprites?
  7. blazblue

    u sir r a legend. I cannot wait for the other characters to be ripped but susano was the one i was lookin most forward to.
  8. blazblue

    Mod Edit: Please don't post piracy links.
  9. blazblue

    nice one only a few days away until release hopefully we can get the extra character sprites.
  10. blazblue

    is there by any chance u can try to rip NOL Noel,Mai, Es and Susanoo? so far no one has had any luck gettin them characters rip yet.
  11. I think thats Shadow Draygon's Holy Zen guilty gear comics u r talking about.
  12. blazblue

    gonna be tht guy but has there been any update on the chance of gettin the console exclusive characters sprites ripped yet?
  13. another drawing i did based on a accent core plus illustration
  14. drawin i did a while back based on a illustration from the arc systems 25th art book
  15. blazblue

    ah so thts the case well if i recall they do update the arcade ports wth the console exclusive characters eventually if i recall from the past titles if not well i say r best bet will be a pc release if tht happens which i would say would most likely happen but not for some time.