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  1. blazblue

    u will have to use a image editor like photoshop to open up his default palette. in photoshop open image>mode>color table then load the first palette file found in his palette folder
  2. blazblue

    awesome man. just one more thing i would like to ask is can u get NOL noels sprites?
  3. blazblue

    u sir r a legend. I cannot wait for the other characters to be ripped but susano was the one i was lookin most forward to.
  4. blazblue

    Mod Edit: Please don't post piracy links.
  5. blazblue

    nice one only a few days away until release hopefully we can get the extra character sprites.
  6. blazblue

    is there by any chance u can try to rip NOL Noel,Mai, Es and Susanoo? so far no one has had any luck gettin them characters rip yet.
  7. I think thats Shadow Draygon's Holy Zen guilty gear comics u r talking about.
  8. blazblue

    gonna be tht guy but has there been any update on the chance of gettin the console exclusive characters sprites ripped yet?
  9. another drawing i did based on a accent core plus illustration
  10. drawin i did a while back based on a illustration from the arc systems 25th art book
  11. blazblue

    ah so thts the case well if i recall they do update the arcade ports wth the console exclusive characters eventually if i recall from the past titles if not well i say r best bet will be a pc release if tht happens which i would say would most likely happen but not for some time.
  12. blazblue

    my man he said them characters can't be ripped as of now just gonna have wait until tht problem is solved.
  13. blazblue

    cheers Rouzel i actually forgot how to do palette swap since it has been a while from the last time i did it.
  14. blazblue

    wht he means is tht all the sprites r not in there default palettes. for example. its the same for all the characters.
  15. blazblue

    Fantastic stuff man u r a legend. shame u couldn't get some of the characters ripped especially susano'o, i was lookin forward to him the most but ah well maybe sometime in the future tht problem will be solved. I think i say for all of us here but thnk u very much SirRouzel for ur time and effort for ripping this content.