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    Exercise(Mainly Running, Situps, Pullups, and Pushups). Playing Blazblue and Guilty Gear. I love to speedrun the modern sonic series.
    3rd Place at TFC


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    Working on Hazama Grab Combos now


    Been Derusting my Hazama to get ready for my major tournaments this year.

  3. its been a minute since i last posted something, but here is a OD 5D Combo starter since this is the move i hit people with the most with in neutral: 



    • Uploaded my first Attempt at a CMV
  5. Currently dedicated to going to at least 3 BB FGC majors for 2017 to max 5 FGC majors

  6. followed you back fam xD

    1. DaRealZil


      Bout time you followed yah boy!! XD

  7. If they bring back Unlimited mars in CF, its going to be the end of me, screw unlimited izanami

  8. Last status of the night: I wish i had 5 bars and stable connections to everyone on BBCF netplay, switching to wired made it a bit better, i would love to see everyone's different play style

  9. Fun Crush Trigger Combo i did (Some of these might be Viable ;D) , but mostly for giggles. Enjoy this? Feedback would be nice xD

  10. Entered BBCF at TFC and Got 3rd, overall i feel like i did pretty decent even though i got blown up by Azrael

    1. DaRealZil


      GGs, my man. We both were pretty nervous since neither of us had placed as high as we did. We'll get that runback in two weeks. :)

    2. (NC)DGF


      I hear that, had to take a 2 day break to reflect and grow from it, I told you to stick to Az and you got them results, looking forward to playing against you again in 2 weeks x3

  11. I Did some Hazama BnB Crush Trigger Combos