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  1. Anyone have the psd for CT Ragna because the link in the beginning of the page died and I also need one for Chaos & Byakuya
  2. I was wondering if someone can recolor Azrael's Color #6 (Kamina) in his Pre-Battle Art
  3. MaskManZX

    [BBCF] Litchi Faye Ling - Gameplay Discussion

    No More Renchan Combos?
  4. Is this still queued? Sorry for being a nuisance
  5. In that case, would you try your hand at my recent request? I'll see what I can do
  6. Here are some Accent Core Sprite Recolors I'll leave here, I'll be doing Portrait Recolors for Blazblue, Guilty Gear, UNIEL & Melty Next Week or so
  7. Yo, by any chance do you have templates for Vein & Kagari, because I'd like to do Recolors of them, I'd also like the Hermes Template plz
  8. Here is my Relius AH on Hazama Joker (CF's Color #9)
  9. Bumped this up for a request I did a while ago but nobody did so, sorry for being a nuisance
  10. For all you Bang players out there, here are some Chibi Colors
  11. By any Chance, do you happen to have the template for Vein, & Kagari any portrait will do
  12. May I have CF Hazama & CP Hazama with his Eyes Opened to be Recolor as CF's Color #9 (Joker)?
  13. I don't have the files, I just used Pixlr
  14. Since I had nothing better to do, if anyone needed a Chibi Hazama Color here it is
  15. The best I could do is hide them