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  1. Anyone have the psd for CT Ragna because the link in the beginning of the page died and I also need one for Chaos & Byakuya
  2. MaskManZX

    Character Wishlist #2: Merged Zamasu

    Tell me your thoughts about this and what would you like if Merged Zamasu was a playable character
  3. Another character, that might be in the game, that's if they allow DBS Characters is Merged Zamasu. Mutated Zamasu has a higher chance of being playable, rather than regular Fused Zamasu If Regular Fused Zamasu by any chance becomes playable, his playstyle would be similar to Izanami without the bullshit and Margaret, due to the him being mostly Keep away in the Anime and more close ranged in the Manga. His Barrier of Light (214M): It's pretty much Izanami's Ribcage & Azrael's Growler, the only thing it will is Reduce the damage he takes and nullify projectiles, if hit by a Close Ranged Super for example a DP Super, then his Barrier would break The Blades of Judgement (41236X): The amount of blades that will come out will depend on the button you press, this'll be his mixup & pressure tool, you can hold whatever button you press to delay the blades from attacking (For those of who played the Clash of Ninja games and played Haku, you definitely know what I mean). When the blades attack the opponent, while they block you can go for a 50/50 Mixup Holy Wrath (421L): Another of Fused Zamasu's Mixup Game, and yes, it's Izanami's Meteor, nothing else to explain Lightning of Absolution (2363214SD): This is one of his Reversal Supers, it works similar to F-Roa's 214C but the only thing is that, it's Air Blockable Violent Fierce God Slicer (22L): This move is pretty much just his sword normals, but with a bit of meter stealing on hit & block, but steals more meter on hit Illusion Smash (22X): This is one of his moves from the Manga, it'll be used for, kind of how Magaki uses it in KOF XI. 22M is is a Low & 22H is an Overhead Divine Wrath Purification (236236SD): Merged Zamasu's Projectile Super that is similar to Sin's Voltic Deign, he can either use it for Oki Setups or a shield to approach the opponent Light of Justice (2141214SD): This is his Mutation, it'll stay permanent for the rest of the match like Necalli's V-Trigger, his playstyle will completely change to a Power based Offensive Rushdown. True Test of a God (214H 3x ~ 236X): His Rekkas, it's pretty much Azrael's TCL but with a 4th Extender to end the Rekka, it will have the same animation as it, and at the end he'll fire a DWP. It'll be used to either end Combos or Extend them in the corner This is how it'll look like (12:22 is how the Rekkas will look like) Divine Hammer (623M): This is his Meterless Reversal which can also be used for Combo on CH Flame of Retribution (214214SD): This his Counter Super, this works on everything but Grabs, Command Grabs & Projectiles So my idea of Merged Zamasu is to have one of the highest execution barrier in the game, I know I'm not Tomoko Hiroki, it's just my ideas on what his moves should be like
  4. I was wondering if someone can recolor Azrael's Color #6 (Kamina) in his Pre-Battle Art
  5. MaskManZX

    [BBCF] Litchi Faye Ling - Gameplay Discussion

    No More Renchan Combos?
  6. MaskManZX

    CF 2.0 Hazama Changes

    At least he's getting better, plz for the love of God have him be at least A Tier Sent from my SM-G360T1 using Tapatalk
  7. Since Trunks is now playable, I think he should have a Super where he turns into SSJ Rage, you how in P4AU where you reach a certain amount of health and you reach awakening and you have an extra super, I want the same thing with Trunks where he'll have access to it, he receive less damage than he usually gets, and his attack power will increase just like Sol's Dragon Install and just to be creative his New Instant Kill (If there is any) would be his Sword of Hope, it'll be the same way he did to Zamasu, cut him in half.
  8. Bardock is one of those characters that have a Low Chance of making to the roster, but since he's my all time favorite character in Dragon Ball, I hope he becomes playable. If anything I'd love to see Time Breaker Bardock playable (Most likely be DLC) or at least Super Saiyan Bardock Gameplay: Playstyle would be Rushdown with some command grabs, but no projectiles aside from his Super, since he's purely a close range fighter, he'll have a hard time with zoners (if there is any). his Super Would be Final Spirit Canon instead of it being a normal Projectile like in the Budokai's, why not have it a Super. Command Grab Super is Final Revenger. Heat Phalanx would either be his Dust, Comber Ender or a DP. SSJ Bardock would be more of another Super that drains meter but he'll have access to a New Super which is Rebellion Trigger instead of Final Spirit Canon Time Breaker Bardock would be like the Persona Shadows (NO Shadow Frenzy though), his Rebellion Trigger would be more Purple-ish due to the fact that he's evil. Sorry if I didn't explain much
  9. Is this still queued? Sorry for being a nuisance
  10. In that case, would you try your hand at my recent request? I'll see what I can do
  11. Here are some Accent Core Sprite Recolors I'll leave here, I'll be doing Portrait Recolors for Blazblue, Guilty Gear, UNIEL & Melty Next Week or so
  12. Yo, by any chance do you have templates for Vein & Kagari, because I'd like to do Recolors of them, I'd also like the Hermes Template plz
  13. Here is my Relius AH on Hazama Joker (CF's Color #9)
  14. Bumped this up for a request I did a while ago but nobody did so, sorry for being a nuisance
  15. For all you Bang players out there, here are some Chibi Colors