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  1. Is this still queued? Sorry for being a nuisance
  2. In that case, would you try your hand at my recent request? I'll see what I can do
  3. Here are some Accent Core Sprite Recolors I'll leave here, I'll be doing Portrait Recolors for Blazblue, Guilty Gear, UNIEL & Melty Next Week or so
  4. Yo, by any chance do you have templates for Vein & Kagari, because I'd like to do Recolors of them, I'd also like the Hermes Template plz
  5. Here is my Relius AH on Hazama Joker (CF's Color #9)
  6. Alright, thanks for the tip and I will remember to post this in the combo section Sent from my SM-G360T1 using Tapatalk
  7. Bumped this up for a request I did a while ago but nobody did so, sorry for being a nuisance
  8. For all you Bang players out there, here are some Chibi Colors
  9. By any Chance, do you happen to have the template for Vein, & Kagari any portrait will do
  10. May I have CF Hazama & CP Hazama with his Eyes Opened to be Recolor as CF's Color #9 (Joker)?
  11. I don't have the files, I just used Pixlr
  12. Since I had nothing better to do, if anyone needed a Chibi Hazama Color here it is
  13. The best I could do is hide them
  14. So I'm trying to do the following combos with Litchi: 2A > 5B[m] > 5C[1] > 3C > 214B[m] > 236A >236B > 63214A~B > 6C[1] > [D] > 6C[2] > j236B > ]D[ > j236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > Tsubame [2961 DMG] 6A > 4B > 6B (Feint) > 214B (m) > 6C (2 Hits) > 236B > 63214A~B > 6C (1 Hit) > [D] > 6C (2 Hits) > j. 236B > ]D[ > j. 236C > Staff 2 > Tsubame The problem I'm having with the 1st Combo is that everytime I try to land the 63214A ~ B, after the 2 Rekkas, it'll always miss Same problem I'm having with the 2nd Combo So if anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it
  15. I'm using mobile man, I'm not the one spamming, it just does it on it's own