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  1. H-F Blade

    [Xrd 1.1] Ky Kiske Loketest Changes

    5H stagger on CH from #R looks like it's back as well? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02WINsh2zYc?t=15m18s
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2VGQ0fpFCA Anyone got any tips for connected repeated shotgun blasts? Or is it all speed and precision?
  3. great jin combos maaan

  4. H-F Blade

    [CS1] Jin Kisaragi Video & Discussion Thread

    Thanks for posting this here. It's been a while since I've made a cmv so I forgot to post it on the relevant board. lol
  5. H-F Blade

    [CS1] Simple Q & A Thread

    2 things: - I'm having trouble air dashing after the A and B versions of air fireball after a single jump. I can do it very easily after the C air fireball, but after the A and B versions, I can't air dash unless I super jump. Am I doing the move too early or too late? - When landing a j.D in a midscreen air string, is it best to let them fall and continue pressure from the ice break, or end with j.214C?
  6. H-F Blade

    [CS1] Jin Gameplay Discussion v2 (No bitching edition)

    Ah ok, I was wondering why I haven't really seen anyone do that, at least in the matches that I've seen so far. I was beginning to think they took that out in the final release. But you can still block/barrier on the way down? If so, that plus the reduced recovery is still an improvement over CT where you couldn't block AT ALL while falling. x_X
  7. H-F Blade

    [CS1] Jin Gameplay Discussion v2 (No bitching edition)

    Can Jin still jump after any of his air fireballs or air dash after the C air fireball?
  8. i saw your jin vid on youtube nice work

  9. H-F Blade

    [CT] Jin Combos and Glitches

    re: 5C, sj.C, sj.D, air dash, j.b, j.c, j.214b combo My problem with this combo is that sometimes my air dash will go under the opponent while they're still falling in the air (usually midscreen). From what I can tell though, you want to hit the 5C after 6C as late as you can so that the opponent is lower during the rest of the combo.
  10. H-F Blade

    [CT] Jin vs Ragna

    From what I've played of this matchup, this matchup more or less depends on who's better at playing footsies. The biggest problem I have is when I'm at the spacing just outside his 5B. They tend to do one of two things. If I even do so much as twitch in their direction, they'll 5B me. I know you can 5A it, but if they opt for a Hell's Fang instead, I eat CH. If I block Hell's Fang, how do I punish it? Even if IB'd it doesn't seem very punishable. :\ HIGHLY annoying. I've also been watching some videos for this match, and it seems if you end an air combo with ice car really high off the ground and backdash upon landing to bait ID, the ID can STILL hit you. LAME!
  11. H-F Blade

    [CS1] Jin Gameplay Discussion v2 (No bitching edition)

    I'm guessing you could AH against Carl's gear super when he busts it out since he can't do anything until it's finished. But then again, ice wave super will kill him when he's that low on health anyway. :V But oh well, I'd do it just to humiliate that annoying little kid.
  12. H-F Blade

    [CT] Jin Kisaragi General Discussion

    That sucks. If that's the case, then there's no reason for them NOT to mash 5A if they think it's coming. :\ When you say frame trap a j.C, do you mean just delay the j.C after j.B after j.B hits?
  13. H-F Blade

    [CT] Jin Kisaragi General Discussion

    Do you think you guys could re-post the vs Ragna matchup inquiries in the vs Ragna thread? I think it would keep this thread a little more organized. Also, when you're going for the j.B (j.A whiff) reset options, what can be done against people who mash 5A during this?
  14. H-F Blade

    [CT] Jin Kisaragi General Discussion

    Based on what I've seen in the Jin vs Ragna matchup thread, Jin has the right moves to stuff Ragna too. And his health isn't as low as Ragna's either. Also, I dunno if anyone has mentioned or noticed this, but while I was in training mode, I noticed something really odd. To test this, set the training dummy to block after they take a hit. Notice, the 214B/C ice cars do not register 2 hits on the combo counter. Well, it actually does, but it shows up for like 1 frame before disappearing. But I find this really odd. This only happens if the ice car hits a standing opponent. But whenever I see this in matches or in training mode, I can't help but think that it was invalid because they didn't block or something. I don't remember this happening in arcade mode. If you turn damage display on and do 214B at the end of a combo, you'll notice the last hit of the ice car was scaled. Anyone else care to verify this?
  15. H-F Blade

    [CT] Jin Kisaragi General Discussion

    It's comboable after a throw isn't it? Also, for Sekkajin, I'm not accustomed to performing the move correctly in combos. Sounds silly, I know it's just mash C. But for whatever reason, I can never seem to get it to stop at the 8th hit. If it hits them a 9th time, it'll be an air hit and they can tech out. Should I be counting the number of times I press C? Or should I just look at the combo counter and stop as it's about to reach the 8th hit? Any pointers?