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  1. BlazBlue: Central Fiction [RIP PROGRESS]

    I'm currently investigating on how to rip them with the files themselves, since BBCF just won't run on my PC, same as a few other games (and the issue already went on weeks ago). For now, I've tried the importation to Audacity through raw files after having extracted the vbtl_es_0.xwb file (for Es here) using Hipster. (IIRC there was a way using the Microsoft XAct utilities in the Jun 2010 DirectX folder package you can find on the Internet, but honestly, I don't find the way to open the Wave bank again (if there was any to start with)) I've picked the following parameters : Encoding : Signed 32 bit PCM Bit order : little-endian Channels : 2 (Stereo) Offset : 0 octets Sample frequency : 44100 Hz After having modified the speed with the multiplier x0.26, I've retrieved the voice clips of Es in battle, but they don't seem to have the best quality. Perhaps I should tweak a few more parameters to get something good, but in the meanwhile, I give you the .wav file with all the voice clips within the .xwb file, so you can see the current quality I got from it, and judge if it's good enough or not. https://www.dropbox.com/s/g71jwwo2va18owx/vbtl_es_0.rar?dl=0
  2. BlazBlue: Central Fiction [RIP PROGRESS]

    @Urainium : https://mega.nz/#!hwBBxZxI!UP97x6amwlGNjPaDlSnwl4VAX_SVEUz3HRIeuiM-luk This may help. @Tox : I see what you did there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) @Everyone : GEET IN HEEEERE AND CELEBRRRATE : http://store.steampowered.com/app/586140
  3. BlazBlue: Central Fiction [RIP PROGRESS]

    For me, that quintessencially means the modding train is booting up its engine. I hope I'll be ready to ride aboard too.
  4. BlazBlue: Central Fiction [RIP PROGRESS]

    Looks like we may get faster to the goal than expected.
  5. BlazBlue: Central Fiction [RIP PROGRESS]

    Only those who were available on the arcade version (before ver 1.30 who brought Es, Mai, Susano'o) were successfully ripped. Not saying it's not a huge success though The encryption of the console version seems different from the arcade version, which is why we still don't have Es, Mai, Susan. Either one gets to access the console version data through a lot of struggle and work, or people wait for the ver 1.30 ROM to come out and hope the process to rip them is the same. Or one goes crazy enough to redraw all sprites pixel by pixel from hi-res footages. If I were to give it a try someday, I think the arcade ROM would be the wiser option.