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    [CF] Ragna Video Discussion/Analysis Thread

    Also, in addition to the 22C video, here's proof of concept that the safejump does work. Though I believe the combo cannot be super prorated (either that, or you can't use 22C more than once) EDIT: You can still use 22C more than once to achieve the safejump. and using a 2B starter still achieves this too. it's just if you did something really long like regular 5B 6A 6D j214D 6C 214D 3C 2D 22C 236D dc 3C 2D 22C then the opponent will be able to tech alot earlier even though it's still a red combo (I'm guessing the 3C 2D 22C untech time is the only thing that allowed that particular combo in question)
  2. NQuad1Zero

    [CF] Ragna Video Discussion/Analysis Thread

    Heyas EDIT: I don't know if people know about this already, but I never ever see any of this when I see other Ragnas on Youtube since NE is significantly more appealing. Maybe this isn't so great after all but it still exists yo I just wanted to chime in my 2 cents. I havent played the CF version of Ragna for long at all (I don't own a console so I was still playing CPEX while CF was on console) so I don't know the usefulness/legitimacy of this setup. But Ragna's 22C safejump oki can still be utilised in CF without costing you TOO much damage (around 400 usually) Albeit physically executing the combo is a little harder now. It mostly involves using 3C 2D 22C (with loops possible). I didn't record myself but just did it to show it conceptually and I'm fairly certain if you dashcancel 22C and neutral jump quickly enough it is a true safejump (Watchout for things like Hakumen's Yukikaze though that shit still beats it) Please read descriptions as well Also a stronger combo that goes into 22C oki if you can get a crouching hitconfirm is this (just sub carnage scissors for dash cancel neutraljump)
  3. NQuad1Zero

    [CF] Ragna Combo Thread

    Heya, I'd like to submit a few combos with Video sourced from myself: Requires Crouching Opponent, or CH 5C starter, or whatever allows hitconfirm into 6C. Heat Gain 29, Idk how to test lifesteal 5B 5C 6C 6D j214D 6C 214D 3C 2D 22C 236D dc 3C 2D 22C 632146D And also I compiled a bunch of OD combos I labbed myself which seemed more optimal than some already on here (But have less viable starters): In particular: OD 5B 5C 214A 214D dc 5C hjc jC jD j214D 5C hjc jC jD jC jD j214C 214D dc 214214D (5455 damage) (30 Heat Gain) (Idk how to test lifesteal) Requires the region above 53% HP? (6 seconds required) and Starts from Player back against corner -> Replace 214214D with 632146D for Midscreen for 5351 damage