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  1. Quick question Character specific combos are determined by weight, is there a list of each characters weight in xrd? aka "light" and "heavy" "floaty" and "potemkin" combos
  2. I believe some people had difficulty hosting because of router problems 2 people who had routers could not connect to eachother but strangely I am connected to a router and I have no problems your welcome to join our irc chat to try your connection on other people, also someone there could probably give you a better information oh yeah hamachi sounds like a great idea, i should try that :p
  3. v-sync on actually helps stability, you can enable it in the dcemu settings. if your keys keep unbinding I found that setting the key configure file to read-only helps I have not experienced the r-ky bug, I was able to play a few with r-ky, A fix will be found im sure. AC and #reload matchmaking for the US is still at #reloadonline. get on it!
  4. sobe

    Anji Mito: Questions and Answers

    excellent stuff, thanks alot! I'm surprised you haven't written a book about Anji. Autoguarding in my opinion looks like something you really have to study, like frame data and everything. Unless its dead obvious or they just iad>j.S I either hit it too quick and they block or I do it too late and get CH I really love 3k after shitsu though is it bad to K follow up after a blocked fuujin? I always get thrown first, even when I delay it Pretty much of my questions have been answered, I am now ready to go! Maybe I should move over to the discussion topic ;o
  5. sobe

    Anji Mito: Questions and Answers

    Thanks for the lenghty reply lol I just searched for all your posts and got some good information. So HS fuujin will combo because 5HS puts into forced crouching? Basically its fuujin loop with D followup until your close to corner then K followup ON? And by HS fuujin being easier to use i can do K followup combo without a counter hit? Good autoguard information! But I don't think I'm ready for it lol. I cant really read that far ahead unless its a dead obvious IAD or special move. I have a hard enough time instant blocking. A few things I wasn't able to test by myself was if I can do shitsu close range and not get hit Such as [5k 5s 5hs fuujin S followup for knockdown] then shitsu Or is [5K, 5S, 2S, 2D into shitsu] better? ah one more thing, whats Anjis best IAD into knockdown? or at least easiest :p to start with
  6. sobe

    Anji Mito: Questions and Answers

    Assuming anybody still comes here I have some questions to ask :p rebuild the gg hyep most of my guilty gear experience has been on #R online, so #R anjis gimmicks work excellent on 4f+ delay :o) how do I transition to AC? I hardly know his new moves but im working on that -my staple combo for anji on #R is 5k > 5s > 2d RC 66 > -any move that floats into (stomp, CH j.d/6k) > 5s JI 5s(close) SJ j.s j.p j.s JC j.k j.s j.hs j.d I dont use fuujin alot since it gets stuffed most of the time. I like to P stomp into knockdown and throw out j.d and 6k for CHs I suck at autoguarding, is it safe to just throw it out or am I going to have to anticipate an attack first. I also try to 5p ON alot since its cool and 5k TK ON anti air with 5p 5k 5s and j.d Unfortunately im far too lazy to learn specific match ups and I do my training on the top 5 Can I get linked to some universal combox/bnbs? also any advice for #R > AC +sorry if these have been answered or discussed but Its a (old) jungle around here
  7. sobe

    [CS1] Hazama FAQ

    what do you guys think about tk Hirentotsu? (2147B) alone its pretty nice, but I have yet to figure out how to combo after it (even with rapid?) or put it in a blockstring wondering if anyone did the same and knows if its comboable? helpful topic btw day1 hazama here
  8. sobe

    [#R] The offical Replay thread

    this is what really happend http://youtube.com/watch?v=uQnwsSi645U my eddie is pretty good