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  1. [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    Wonder if current ratio is how the final roster will look? Looking bleak for supporting RWBY characters!
  2. [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    I'm a bit curious how getting into self-publishing will affect ASW as a business. Will they only do self-published titles? Will they still work as contractors for other companies? Will they publish/localize other developers' games? etc etc. Kinda makes me think of Gearbox. They have their own publishing division for some of their own games and other studios' games they publish for them. But they also still get outsourced to do dev work on other companies' games (Sega, 2K) and have some of their own IPs still published by other companies (2K. Tho BL is co-owned I believe, but Duke is 100% owned by Gearbox, still published by 2K).
  3. Arcana Heart 3 Kickstarter still going strong!

    I finally got AH3:LM!!!!! on the recent Steam sale and am quite fond of it. The character design is great and the Arcana mechanics are neat. Glad the latest version is getting KS'd, I'll be eager to get it.
  4. [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    Well, UNIEL does have auto-combos, but I haven't played P4A or BB:CF to compare one to another. How are P4A's and BB's different? One is not just spamming the same button?
  5. The "Picking a Main" thread

    Is "tools" another word for "boobs and butts"? Anyway, welcome! I'm new to the series too, been playing for just about 1.5 months, so my advice is not that of an expert. As for comfort, I presume that'd be personal preference, yeah? How you like their fighting style, inputs, etc. For instance, I like dual-maining and had it narrowed down to Ramlethal, Bedman, Haehyun, and Jack-O'. I narrowed down Jack-O' (as much as I loved her) b/c her sweep input is different than everyone elses, and I like consistency between the characters I play. I picked Ramlethal b/c I liked her combination attacks (something I'm used to from my time in NRS games). Bedman vs Haehyun just came down to flavor preference. I dislike DP inputs, so I was a bit reluctant to pick Haehyun, but after watching some vids, I learned you can be a good Haehyun player w/o using her DP. But yeah, it came dow to a teenage girl controlling a buff old-man mech vs a teenage boy who's asleep on a mechanical, weaponized bed. Both are bizarre and interesting concepts lol, but I just liked Haehyun as a character just a bit more. Imo, Jack-O' and Ram seem pretty versatile, Baiken seems decently versatile. I-No seems to have good mixups. They are all fairly weak on defense per http://www.dustloop.com/wiki/index.php?title=GGXRD-R2/System_Data, but I'd say I-No and Baiken seem to be the worst, although Baiken has really good Guts. None of those characters have charge inputs, afaik. I've read that's just Leo, Axl, Pot, Venom, and May. As for representation, i'm a PST player and in the PST and newbie rooms, I do see a lot of Ramlethal, some Baiken, a little bit of Jack-O', but rarely I-No. Anyway, I'd suggest looking at all of their individual pages from http://www.dustloop.com/wiki/index.php?title=Guilty_Gear_Xrd_REV_2 to maybe get a better idea or more information for what you're looking for.
  6. [UNIEL] Seth

    I'd hope so
  7. Why do you play BlazBlue?

    I first played BB (CT and CS) on PS3, but it was super casual. I hadn't played another ASW game for another 7 years until I picked up GGXrdREV2 a couple weeks ago. I won't get into GG, but I thought BB had a really cool aesthetic and unique gameplay compared to the more mainstream fighting games I was used to. But to be honest, there isn't much I can say about BB in regards to praise or reasons why I play it. B/c I don't play it, at least I haven't in years (tho I did boot up the PS3 earlier tonight to dabble in both BB's I have). I will say, my current circumstances - resorting to playing FGs on PC since I don't have a PS4/XB1 - means I need to find a new FGC niche, since I mained NRS games (w/ Smash and Namco sprinkled in) since basically forever. After much testing, I've decided to become an ASW convert! That being said, I'm more hyped for BB:CTB than I am for DBFZ (at least I think I am. At this moment, at least). And it's making me want to try out BB:CF, just to get a feel for the characters as characters - story, flavor, personalities, etc. There's a playlist on youtube that has all story mode content from all 4 games, and it's ~40 hours worth of videos! I like to play characters I like, so I may just choose RWBY and UNIEL characters instead of BB characters, cuz I'm just not sure I'll watch all those videos lol. I need time to train in GG! The other thing that makes BB a bit more desirable than GG is that the social media community seems more active. While GG has slightly higher player #'s on steam, BB seems to have more forum activity, active FB groups, etc. So that could be a factor, ultimately. But I am really looking forward to maybe giving an update in this thread. May I ask why?
  8. New player, need help deciding on main

    well, you may be pleased to hear I've decided on Haehyun ...and Ramlethal. I'll co-main them eventually, but those are the 2 I've settled on. I figured since I'm new to the GG series, I'd pick characters who are new to the GG series as well, appearing first in the Xrd line (since I did watch all the SIGN Arcade and Story Mode vids at least!).
  9. New player, need help deciding on main

    Hey all, So GGXrdREV2 is my first ever GG game and I got it just a week ago and after clearing the Arcades for all 25 characters, going through some of Story Mode, and doing some dabbling in the Dojo, it's time I decide on who I actually want to play! So long story short, I'm making this decision purely off the character themselves as characters - their story, personality, flavor, etc. I have no real preference in style, as I've played zoners, grapplers, rushdowners, etc. Learning curve MAY be a factor, but I'm going to dedicate a lot of time to this, so I won't mind. I haven't really dedicated time learning a fighter since Mortal Kombat X. In fact, the majority of my FG history is NRS, Namco, and Smash. This'll be the first time I embrace a 2D anime/Japanese fighting game. So anyway, for a variety of reasons, I've narrowed it down to Dizzy, Haehyun, Jam, and Ramlethal. So my question may not quite be "who do you recommend", but rather just "who do you like" out of the 4 above? You can vote based on however you want - background, play style, difficulty, representation in the community, even just as a recommendation, etc. Thanks for any and all input! (also, why does Dizzy not have an updated sprite for the Xrd character forums list? ) edit: I should say style/mechanics DO matter in the sense that I ruled out Jack-O' due to her sweep being 3H instead of 2D like everyone else(?). I didn't want that throwing me off in case I had a co-main/pocket/sub characters.
  10. GGxrd Player in Davis?

    Not sure if you'll ever check this, but you can add me on steam!