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  1. The "Picking a Main" thread

    HAHAHAHAHA not necessarily that kind of tools but it is a plus yeah Yeah I have personal perferences but they are large. In fact ine the SF series I played characters with very different timing ( like Makoto in 3.3 , Hugo, Gouken, Makoto in USF4 ) so sweep input or another timing will not be a problem. I have more difficulties with character like Haehyun and Slayer because of the normal you have to link and not gatling them so I find this less instinctive. I definitely love Ramlethal mix-up with her combination attacks ( I played Soulcalibur and Tekken where there is a lot of them ) . I think if Jack-O and Ram are the most versatile and "better" in defense I will definitely give them a try, sources you give me are very usefull thanks ! If I-no is has great in mix-up has they notified I will definitely give her a chance as well ! I think I will loose social life in training to learn this game
  2. The "Picking a Main" thread

    Hi there Like Lisystrata I don't have much experience with airdash fighters. I have played a lot of 2D fighting game but I have a lot of difficulties to take a main in this game ( characters are sooooo interesting !!! ) . I hesitate between several characters : I-No , Jack-O , Ramlethal, Baiken . I love all their tools, but maybe there is one who is more comfortable in the GG series to begin with ? I love character who can be versatile or be good to set-up high/low mix-up without being a "glass-canon" character ( like Gouki for exemple ) . I love lessed played character too and not feel good with charge motion character. Thank you all for your time Let's Rock !!!