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  1. Sol needs VV more than venom. Venoms offense and zoning is far better than Sols. I would rather just adjust venoms defense to same as sols than give him more tools.
  2. His teleport is awesome mixup tool, its main use is not to be defensive tool, but offensive.
  3. Jojos? lol? Maybe you meant hokuto no ken. the true masculinity.
  4. Sounds like he is just aba 2.0. "spending hp" you hit harder and its most likely possibility to regen some hp back.
  5. Basicly same article in english http://www.siliconera.com/2016/01/19/guilty-gear-xrd-revelator-adds-newcomer-kum-haehyun/
  6. So you are saying you are not manly enough for her to be your waifu? Anyway i'm glad if baiken doesnt get in. I have always hated those counters.
  7. Jakestation

    Jam Kuradoberi General Discussion

    FAB retweeted this: 5P 発生3 硬直差0 5K 発生4 硬直差+2 近S 発生6 硬直差-6 遠S 発生6 硬直差-2 5HS 発生13.17.21 硬直差+1 6P 発生9.16 硬直差+2 6K 発生6.13 硬直差-18 6HS 発生14 硬直差-6 2P 発生4 硬直差+3 2K 発生5 硬直差0 2S 発生6 硬直差0 2HS 全体41 発生11.24 =0 J2K(低空) 発生地上から14 空中で10 硬直差+8 HIT時+3 地上からの特殊逆鱗 硬直差-1 地上ギリ特殊逆鱗 硬直差+2 爆蹴→百歩 発生24 硬直差+1 爆蹴→千里 発生29 硬直差+5 爆蹴→波紋脚 発生13 硬直差-13 逆鱗(地) ジャムの立ち状態 発生22 硬直差-10 劔楼脚(空) 発生5 地上低ダからジャム立ちガードしっぱ 硬直差-2 朝凪(K) 全体52 タメ86 So 5p is actually 3f move. 5k is +2 on block etc.
  8. LOL? You know PS3 is easily way bigger thing in EU compared to NA. Yet we get xrd late and its still 1.0 and not 1.10 :D. Also there is no leo or elphelt. So after thinking about this, why wouldnt they have relevator ps4 only?
  9. It was just register to enter
  10. Relevator 25th of august and JAM!
  11. There was no qualifiers to this thou. Anyone could have participated. And yeah their 1st round opponent was quite cake walk and the second team wasnt that strong either. Sadly they had to play the strongest team in the 3rd round.
  12. TOP 4: Team Ogawa, Karinchu, Koichi vs Team Eki-Chan, Dei, Sabamiso Team Machaboo, Dogura, Inoue vs Team Sharon, Hasegawa, Zadi
  13. http://www.arcsystemworks.jp/arc-revo2015/live/ <-- Arcrevo is live
  14. Dei, Ekichan, Sabamiso also very very strong (dei currently #2 in ladder with elphelt)
  15. Fixed! In my source i was wondering why it had ain sharon hasegawa zadi (4 names in same row). So for some reason Ain was in the wrong row then