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  1. Doesn't Kliff already have that reference?
  2. having checked the dates on the old GG stories thread, it is actually 2008. that said, maybe its time to restart a dedicated GG Lore/Story/Rampant Speculations/Whatever Else Thread and keep this thread discussion centered on the GG2 translations?
  3. dizzy's imperial ray is actually a very VERY small laser that travels on the ground and that's what causes the flames. you can see sparks along the ground when she uses it during the the super flash.
  4. I gotta say thanks for all the hard work getting these translations to us. what about one of Justice pinching Sin's face? that's what grandmas do, after all. Also Dizzy is Best Mom Ever, right?
  5. the scary part is that Sol wears like 17 belts. Anyway, the Sin story is funny and hearing more about Zepp is nice too.
  6. I like paradigm. I think he's represents aspect of the story we haven't really seen yet, which is a Gear Intellectual in charge of a functioning society of Gears. Given Ky's new internal conflict on making a world based on coexistence, I think he'd be pretty important. Also he's a dragon, not a bird.
  7. ah interesting. anyway i found Suzaku's translations of overture stories which were posted in 2009. That Man http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?4653-Guilty-Gear-Stories-%28spoilers-abound!%29/page118&p=364359&viewfull=1#post364359 Raven http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?4653-Guilty-Gear-Stories-%28spoilers-abound!%29/page121&p=364824&viewfull=1#post364824 given the surprising length of the old GG background/story thread, it'll probably need to be restarted in a new thread in the time leading up to Xrd's release (which is going to be 2015 now, right?)
  8. just noticed this thread and wow these translations are very interesting. are these from the same art book as the story of the early days of the gear project with That Man, Fred and Aria? or is that something different?
  9. Zazz

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    I'm still kinda disappointed. I guess I'll just have to look up a story mode playthrough on youtube or hope there will be a PC version. how well would a streamed fighting game work?
  10. Zazz

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    I got CT and CS on 360 and skipped Extend because i figured Chrono Phantasma would be out eventually. now i'm just somewhere between worried and disheartened.
  11. Zazz

    BBCP Story Thread [Old]

    so Rachel is nice and Noel is being assertive? what kind of weird universe is this? but seriously, it is nice to see some definitive character development with Noel accepting who and what she is.
  12. Blade

    Zazz, this is a sad question coming from me, but did you ever archive those Justice Images and pngs I made from my Oddigytitanium site before it blew up?

  13. Zazz

    Skullgirls Palette Request/Creation Thread

    man i need some of those fancy shaded line-arts . . . anyway, i'm not 100% sure if this has been done, but COCONUT! and i saw some random inspiration today . . . its a road cone (between the dio steamroller and double's car, i think it fits well)
  14. Zazz

    Skullgirls Palette Request/Creation Thread

    i made this fairly simple color based on a memorable alt.color for faust that's been around since GGX and a bit from her #2 color. i figured it fits since faust's face can't be seen when do his taunt.
  15. Zazz

    Skullgirls Palette Request/Creation Thread

    i wonder, has anyone done a cerebella color based on Valentine (the one from Guilty Gear 2)? how about a final battle with double switching to play as a single character for a single round and you need to beat her every time (you get life back and a deep insightful message) until you slog through the whole cast and you get to her true form