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  1. Wow! Thank you! And finally i'm able to do more work and here is result 1. Jin Kisaragi Okami Shiki ver. 2. Ragna Amaterasu human & Enraged form 3. Izayoi Yozakura 4. Noel Reimu(since I forgotten real Reimu hakurei's true color, i just remembered that she is Red and white with Black haired so...i just applied it just like that)
  2. in 1st picture, i'm in progress on editing Jin Kisaragi CP version and there is a lot material on it but in 2nd picture, there is only finished results on Izayoi CP version and no parts for recolor same as Noel too in layer window, there is finished results only
  3. Excuse me. I am new to this forum and i was in learning how to recoloring character's portrait and this is first time for me. Please Nice to meet you. Until now, i'm still able to recoloring Ragna cp and Jin cp from your first page's forum but still not able how with the others like Noel cp and Izayoi cp...mind if you repost their .psd files?