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  1. Lynxfort

    [AC+R] Video Posting Thread

    GGXX ACP+R 相殺ムービー eden Clash Movie GUILTY GEAR AMV『BLOODKeY+』 "AC+R & XRD" GGXX ACPR 相殺ムービー ∀nswer Clash Movie
  2. Lynxfort

    [Xrd] Bedman Video Thread (updated 3rd June 2014)

    Start from 34:33 to 38:20. Start from 11:36 to 25:15 then from 29:32 to 32:54. Start from 1:05:05 to 1:06:51 then from 1:13:17 to 1:16:42.
  3. Lynxfort

    [Xrd] Bedman Video Thread (updated 3rd June 2014)

    I likedAshihana's stayle more than Sabamiso's cuz he use meter ..a lot of Sabamiso matches end with +50 Tensian -_-
  4. Lynxfort

    [Xrd] Potemkin Video Thread

  5. Are blitz attacks has the same range in all roster?? If not who has the longest range and who has the shortest??
  6. Regarding beddy i wonder if the changes on other characters hurtboxes will effect his character specific combos positively..
  7. Lynxfort

    [Xrd] Bedman Gameplay Discussion

    beddy just had one change.. a nerf in his throw range -_- http://pastebin.com/hYWSgCjv
  8. Can any one translate Kum's and Bedman's changes notes ??
  9. it's weird...i couldn't find Kum & Raven by search in ps3 store via console but with my friend advice i found them by login into ps3 store via my mobile phone..
  10. THNX man it worked BTW where i can unlock Kum ??
  11. THNX man it worked BTW where i can unlock Kum ??
  12. Downloaded the game but i have problem the update it's very slow then it stops with error message 80710723 !!!
  13. i want to be sure..the character colors and system voice i bought in -Sign they will be free in revelator or i had to buy it again ??