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  1. OMG finally! Thanks a ton my friend <3 As soon as i saw Holy Zen it all came back to me lol
  2. Anyone remembers an old comic with sol chasing squirrels and being an ape as usual? :p Was hilarious but can't find it for the life of me
  3. D4Nt3

    General Johnny Questions

    cant wait to get my hands on ac+r. Hopefully corner 2D, 214HS, 214P will be legit :P
  4. D4Nt3

    Johnny Player Index & Match Videos

    Link moar!! Frostmourne hungers :P
  5. D4Nt3

    [AC] Johnny AC Discussion

    lol that was insane!!! i dont have my stick for more than a month and i play with my silly ps2 pad >< so many things in my had for practice. where can i find recent jo fights? help plzz
  6. D4Nt3

    Improving tips?

    when i played on pad i used PKS on L2 and PHS ( or was it KHS/PK?) on L1 and pressed the button missing for FRC on the DBT and KJT. Much easier on a stick :P
  7. D4Nt3

    [AC] Johnny Video Links/Video Discussion

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CTi6kdLGQc Sol vs Johnny My first recorded match vs my only friend playing gg ;/ (living closeby) I've improved some since then.(got Baiken raped)
  8. D4Nt3

    AC: Combo Guide

    It would be good if u could land it more than once in like 5 matches :P U will actually land it many times in CH
  9. D4Nt3

    AC: Combo Guide

    I use it only after a blocked Sol's GV or whiffed VV. I find 6K a very good move but i use it only a preasure like HS, coin, dash 6K MC, HS/2D MC to coin and so on. I also LOVE the FRC point, gives u like free throw.
  10. D4Nt3

    [AC] Johnny Video Links/Video Discussion

    Thx bro, always helpful :P
  11. D4Nt3

    [AC] Johnny Video Links/Video Discussion

    Im here http://www.filebank.co.jp/gflist/fp/148 and i dont know how to download them ><
  12. D4Nt3

    [AC] The List o' Mist Setups

    Even if it worked u happen to hit cS-6P rarelly and the 50% for RC is a problem :P I find the K MF2 in corner to be the most practical set up.
  13. D4Nt3

    [AC] The List o' Mist Setups

    The 2hit 2D works on more i think with an easy timing (Like Dizzy i think). I though it was impossible to hit some characters with 2D (2) (Slayer for example) but i did it once after like a million tries :P
  14. D4Nt3

    [AC] May Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    Right, now that i tested again i was able to do 6HS-SVD some times but i guess it will take long for me to master it ;s About HS i realise that i has to be canceled and not recover. I was trying to do OHK-cS-HS-SVD on sol, so far so good, then i tried to do the loop again but failed. But its ok now i guess i was just too slow doing SVD :P forgot to say gratz to you for your super guide :P Its like the best one ive seen and i would love to have a similar one about Johnny (my main) when i started playing gg ;p
  15. D4Nt3

    [AC] May Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    Dunno if someone asked this before. Here goes, i was reading Kyle's guide to May and i cant seem to succeed doing some combos like OHK-6HS-SVD. Well the problem is that there isnt enough time to charge for the dolphin and there isnt any delay allowed after 6Hs to be canceled with it. Also about cS-HS-SVD (i suppose thats the lame loop u talk about:P ), u say always delay between HS and SVD, but when i try to delay SVD it misses (no reach). Some help plz? ;p