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    BB5 Prediction and Discussion

    To be honest, I'm not sure what to do on BB5, both on gameplay and story (because Mori doesn't want to have a character for the sake of playable - the reason he revives Nu and Lambda -_-) CF is established as end of Ragna's story, but those who want BB to continue emphasized on Ragna's end. But looking at that, it seems that the story is truly over. "Ragna left the world" aside, the world pretty much got happy ending. No villains screwing with the world again, NOL can be a good government and maintains peace, Ikaruga (and whole world) is being restored, and no tragedy happened on any of the casts anymore, well except Carl and Nu. No big problems to solve anymore for story....except personal character problems in only 3 (Carl, Nu, Rachel) and giving information about some character's info (Hazama's fate, Tsubakumen). And gameplay-wise, we also lost good chunk of casts to be playable: Nine, Terumi (+Susano'o), Celica (Minerva too), Arakune <-- All Died. Noel (+Mu), Lambda <-- Become nuns, the former resigned from NOL and violence. Jin <-- Can't fight anymore. Hakumen <-- Sealed in Boundary forever. Probably not playable: Rachel (lost almost all her powers). Relius, Naoto, Hazama (All left BB world, Naoto back to his universe). Azrael (being frozen for good and unlikely to be released as no problems in that world). Nu (crippled). Ragna isn't in btw, he didn't die, only all memories of him is removed in the world. And Es also going through same fate Ragna did at the end of XBlaze 1. Some candidates of playable characters: Taro Sasagae. Kajun Faycott. Shiori Kirihito. Ciel Sulfur. Possibly either one of Mai's parents. Possibly Raquel Alucard if she goes same fate like Naoto. And ofc, Alpha. None of them are big trouble makers like Izanami, etc. Dunno about Alpha. Linhua's not in because obv not fighter (Celica is all Minerva work), Trinity soul dies for good at end of CF, Meifang and Fuzzy died. Dunno about new mechanics. I honestly feel confused on how this series will be continued. CF solves most of problems and renders many casts died or inactive.