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  1. Hey man, long time no see or hea. i nee to come back to nc soon.

  2. My bad, wrong person....coulda sworn he sent me this....Sry, I prolly played u in #R online then. It's been way too long since I've been on my account. I remember who you are now lol

  3. Um... who's Chris?... -Tha Hindu

  4. Hey Chris, I aint seen u in a while....Need to come to NC

  5. I only see ppl i can play there, so I guess u should just go to that server.
  6. I saw I fucked the format up, haha....Teyah, when u get the chance, can change it...if u dont wanna, it's cool, lol. I see it should be: KySol | KySol/Guilty_Kid | Virginia, USA | Delay 4
  7. Add me under east coast. I'm back, finally. I had an intership in the game industry....sry. J. Martin | KySol/Guilty_Kid | Virginia, VA | Delay 4
  8. KySol

    Put yourself on the COMPETITION MAP!

    Just added myself. Nice map