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  1. yea I go to university. 右特 is 6AC for Ez8 in BR mode
  2. I main Reborns now but haven't been playing lately due to school. I will post about Heavyarms in the Maxi Boost discussion thread so I won't derail this thread~
  3. Unfortunately I don't play Heavyarms anymore but I wouldn't mind. He actually looks kinda playable in Maxi Boost though.
  4. I don't play Ez8 but looking at the movelist and description on the wiki, It is most definitely 4AC.
  5. 連 in that context is short for ボタン連打(mashing) - Banshee's NT-D 特格 has a special property where you can get more damage by mashing the input
  6. Dakanya

    [+R] Order-Sol Critique Thread

    only watched grand finals. you can beat her whirlwind super with tyrant rave on the topic of pressure: could probably try to throw more... if you're going to bait a burst, you don't have to drop the combo, do j.[1]pppp~ and stop hitting p when the burst starts up you could probably take more games if you ran more varied oki like safe jump j.S into jc j.H for the fuzzy, 2D gunblaze AC FRC into 5D or dash 2K could be more on point with punishing vertical dolphins on block (don't FD, it makes it harder) if you're going to AC FRC BHB 2 then you should dash CK GB AC as well... don't need to FRC just to do 6H things to try next time possibly: maybe try to get to level 3 more? level 2 and 3 gunblaze are good for antiair. punish shallow jump ins by making them whiff with 2D and then throwing them.
  7. until
    The last Norcal Dogfight at Gamecenter since Gamecenter is closing down.
  8. Dakanya

    [FB] General Discussion Thread

    For what it's worth, most of what you'll learn in EXVS will carry over to Full Boost.
  9. Dakanya

    [FB] General Discussion Thread

    Extreme VS is really cheap now because they have a "The Best" version. The Asia region release is priced at $40 on Play-Asia right now.
  10. one can never have too many power strips
  11. Dakanya

    [FB] General Discussion Thread

    i think they just want money. well they can have my money, just give us full boost already @_@
  12. just dumping some stuff I translated from the BBS a week ago so I can erase it from my notepad 6H is throw invul again. The old input for Asanagi inputs (K) don't work. Burst cancel is still in. 3H>236D is key combo route. Last hit of spirit bomb blows them away and downs. Also you don't lose your meter if you get hit before it actually comes out now. sweep > asanagi ryuujin > FB puff > 2h > 6h~h > get a charge or continue w/ another asanagi special inertia glitched gekirin > 2h > 6h > FB puff > 2h > 6h~h > " gacho is still in and can be done off asanagi gekirin & prolly kenroukaku but FB puff doesn't wallstick now so it doesn't vortex on crossup
  13. until
    May or may not stream every game but all of those games will be played at the event =)
  14. Dakanya

    Norcal Dogfight [EXVS, GGAC] @2:30PM PDT

    Scheduled games: Gundam EXVS, Guilty Gear Accent Core, Spelunky... and possibly other random games?
  15. Well this is charged Ryuujin though... when do we ever get a naked raw CH with charged Ryuujin in AC that requires us to time a follow up lol Her combos and options seem interesting but she's pretty much been nerfed from AC in terms of neutral game, pressure, and possibly damage. Pressure/damage-wise: 5K prorates 80% now, 6H is no longer throw invul, FBPB only knocksdown There's a lot of Japanese that want her old stuff back like the 2S and 2D (used to have a better hitbox) and the triple kicks anyways I didn't realize that the posted changelist here is incomplete so I've written out a complete changelist Full Changelist Carded Kicks now have their own input on the D button, can be used at anytime and not just after specials like before, commands are 236D, 623D, 214D 6H no longer throw invul ground bounces on air hit can now be cancelled on hit or block (assuming special) GB+ decreased from 20 to 10 6H~H now cancellable into Asanagi (22K/S/H), FB Asanagi (22D), and carded kicks (236D, 623D, 214D) 5K proration increased from 90% to 80% 3H new move (suspected to be her old 6H) landing recovery increased from 6F to 8F 2H untech time decreased from 25F to 22F floats less on hit now Ryuujin (236K) now air-blockable (no FD necessary) Bakushuu (236S~) can now cancel into carded kicks as well (236D, 623D, 214D) Bakushuu > Mawarikomi (236S~P) if the P is input when the stick is at neutral, Choujin (236P) will not come out is now invulnerable to hits on frames 1~4 Bakushuu ~ FB Hyappo (236S~D) if the D is input when the stick is at neutral, carded Ryuujin (236D) will not come out Bakushuu ~ Ashibarai (236S~K) now knocks down instead of staggering is now cancellable into Asanagi (22K/S/H) and FB Asanagi (22D) Gekirin (214K) the hitbox around her foot is now a little smaller Asanagi (22K/S/H) the move has been sped up and now takes 53F instead of 57F carded Ryuujin (236D) now launches the opponent 45 degrees upwards on hit (upwards forwards diagonally) now prorates 80% wallstick time on CH is now the same as it is on normal hit carded Kenroukaku (623D) starts up faster, 3f instead of the previous 5f now launches them straight up on the last hit GB+ decreased from 15x7 to 5x7 now prorates 80% FB Hyappo (236S~D) no longer wallsticks on hit, knocks down instead is now cancellable into Asanagi (22K/S/H) or FB Asanagi (22D) on hit or block untech time is now 28F (meaning they can air tech if they are high enough to, will matter during combos) FB Asanagi (22D) now charges 1 of each card move has been sped up in its entireity and now takes 50F instead of 64F Renhoukyaku (632146H) puffball super recovery decreased from 17F to 9F Dead Angle recovery increased from 12F to 16F Tousai Hyakuretsuken (64641236P+K) hnk super startup is now 7F + 1F instead of 7F + 29F