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  1. Justice7541

    [CPEX] Izayoi General / Q&A - "DO IT FOR HER"

    So from what I can see, the major changes are: - 6B now special-cancelable (I assume it can go into A Saber as well) - 6A doesn't force crouch anymore and can't be gatlinged into - Noir Edge is gone, replaced with air Crusades - Astraea floats much higher on hit - NM 3C has a slide forward like NM 5C - D Saber is now 3x small sabers (5 in OD) instead of one big one - j.B is now a big horizontal kick instead of whatever the current j.B is supposed to be - Can't go straight into Astraea without Crusade (?) - The usual frame and proration changes Did I miss anything major? Cause it sounds like her neutral game and options got a ton of buffs if true, even if her combo damage might have gone down a bit. I'm interested to see how this goes down lol. Sent from my LG-H950 using Tapatalk
  2. Justice7541

    [P4AU] Ken Amada Q&A/FAQ Thread

    5C and 214X also go over sweep if the Marge thinks she's being clever by mashing sweep at fullscreen. Just get Koro off the ground and IAD or roll the sweep and punish. Sent from my LG-H950 using Tapatalk
  3. Justice7541

    [CPEX] Izayoi General / Q&A - "DO IT FOR HER"

    Do we really need one? Also did SKD ever say anything about whether air finer cancel is a thing or if it's viable? Sent from my LG-H950 using Tapatalk
  4. Justice7541

    [CPEX] Izayoi General / Q&A - "DO IT FOR HER"

    I'm not sure what being the best NA Izayoi player (maybe even JP since he beat Dogura and Dora) has to do with forum moderation and organization? It's not even an issue of teaching or not. It's not like I personally ever go to video threads (or watch videos, period) but I'm also not sure trying to break videos down by matchup is going to be any better. Not all videos are cleanly edited one-shot "Izayoi vs. X" stuff. Worst case scenario you leave the video dump thread up and go in and organize it from time to time. I don't think it'll make a huge difference either way and it'll probably be less work overall.
  5. Justice7541

    [CPEX] Izayoi General / Q&A - "DO IT FOR HER"

    There isn't. There's a LINE group I think but I don't see how starting a Skype group could hurt.
  6. Justice7541

    [CPEX] Izayoi General / Q&A - "DO IT FOR HER"

    Air Finer Cancel? We Johnny now?
  7. Justice7541

    [CPEX] Izayoi General / Q&A - "DO IT FOR HER"

    You can actually auto-stance cancel any stance move by holding A. You'll get RC if you use the A+B+C macro if you try to do in the middle of a string but 236[A+C] works just fine. You can also do 623[A+B] for a stance cancel if you're super lazy like me, although I think it's slightly slower than 236C cancel?
  8. Justice7541

    [CPEX] Izayoi General / Q&A - "DO IT FOR HER"

    That usually doesn't work. Do 5B 5C sj.BC j.C j.236C~D instead, then it should link universally. Note that this won't work if you have more than 3 normals before the 236C so omit the 2B or 6A if you plan to end with Phorizer.
  9. Justice7541

    [CPEX] Izayoi General / Q&A - "DO IT FOR HER"

    What combo are you referring to? You may be hitting Strike Fall a bit too late so the opponent isn't at max height after being hit.
  10. Justice7541

    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Basically imagine playing Xrd online but with twice as much delay and even smaller buffers and FRCs and shit and you've got a pretty good idea of the +R experience.
  11. I would also love to know this. Before it only showed people's connection to host but now it doesn't even show that it seems.
  12. Here-a comes Daredevil?
  13. Justice7541

    [CPEX] Izayoi General / Q&A - "DO IT FOR HER"

    You have to Strike Fall from high enough to get the frame advantage you need to link Phorizer cancel. IIRC it always works off whatever > j.BC dj.BC, if that doesn't combo due to proration you can do 5B 5C sj.BC dj.C instead if the combo allows for it. So if you're just trying to do 5C normal jump j.BC dj.C Noir > Strike Fall > Phorizer, that doesn't work. Instant Astraea is just doing 6D during 236C startup. You can just do 236C+D actually I think although a plink is probably safer so you don't accidentally do 236D.
  14. Justice7541

    [CPEX] Izayoi General / Q&A - "DO IT FOR HER"

    Yeah, I just tested it myself. 2B also links on standing FC 2C whereas 5B doesn't, so it's faster than 5B, It's slower than 2A (doesn't link off non-FC crouching whereas 2A does) so 9f sounds correct. Someone on IRC also did this so it mostly checks out.