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  2. Raijin_CFN

    Slayer AC strats

    Yes, it is possible to be outside pot's throw range with either mappa on block. However, it's kind of pointless because on block neither of you can do anything but on hit you get nothing. However, you could possibly get 2k or 2d off of a CH mappa from max distance.
  3. Raijin_CFN

    [AC] Johnny Video Links/Video Discussion

    If it hits, you get a sweetass combo though, and it's your best option for comboing from a low airdash but yeah, JOFan is right
  4. Raijin_CFN

    [AC] Johnny Video Links/Video Discussion

    You can jump in with a j.k by itself if and only if you follow it up with js (land) 5k then level 2 combo or whatever you want. But that has to be on airdash. Not sure how safe it is on more knowledgable opponents but it's good to know
  5. Raijin_CFN

    AC: Ky Kiske Discussion

    Super low tk ride the lightning in the corner can chain to 5k,cs,2h, aircombo. It's about 180 dmg maybe 200.
  6. Raijin_CFN

    [Accent Core] Sol Badguy General Discussion

    A "deep guarded" bandit revolver can, but it's -4 on block so they'd have to be lazy/not paying attention
  7. Raijin_CFN

    Ky-Kiske Info/Combos Thread [Accent Core]

    Holy crap I found out a lot of stuff CSE negative edges. That means for orb combos you only need two dust presses Comboing with no tension? On Pot and Faust you can get a 2d, jc(9) j.s jh vt lj With a quick jump up, toss a jd out and as you're coming back down, js land cs 2h aircombo jd's have thirteen active frames and can be timed meaty. (Hint: combine the last two)
  8. Raijin_CFN

    OLD! Sol Combo Thread [GGAC]

    Yah you did. You could possibly get another two sidewinders in there if you timed and placed it juuuust right. Guys, I have this habit of not planning on when to end my SW combos and milk it for every sidewinder possible, then when I am about to do another SW and I know for a fact it won't clean hit because I've already had like, 4 I just do j.s bandit revolver or j.k bandit revolver for knockdown. I mean I get a yellow beat but would anyone recommend this?
  9. Raijin_CFN

    [Accent Core] Sol Badguy General Discussion

    That is an excellent point, you are completely right, and that was very well said. It does have its weaknesses. Being that it is a gimmick and has more holes than most mixups. It is not to be used extensively, but as a mindfuck. Take into account: Your opponent would have to have knowledge of this mixup and they would have to know that you have the knowledge, the execution, and the balls to attempt this. By sending a flying sol at them you don't have to attack. You could simply force a reaction from them. They could panic and try to dp you. You could simply block whatever they do instead of attacking and punish. You could double jump over their attempt and attack coming down. The possibilities are endless. you don't have to attack in the air. You can land and low attack, or throw. The main weakness of this mixup is getting 6p'd. They would probably be scared to because anyone who would attempt this gimmicky mixup would know they could be 6p'd and be prepared to vv or simply block their 6p. jh should win out on some 6ps I think but don't take my word on that. The advantages you can get from a surprise BR FRC are too great to look past. Throughout the match this never crosses your opponent's mind or they're like "he'd never do that" and then you do and they have a split second to respond with sol coming at them at 40 mph.
  10. Raijin_CFN

    [Accent Core] Sol Badguy General Discussion

    Well we had a misunderstanding then. It just aggravates me that some people really believe that stereotype. Both GF FRC and BR FRC have a chance to fail, so I really do not see your point. You have yet to explain why. "GF FRC is a staple pressure because it is a staple pressure". WTF. The reason your attacks don't fail is because your opponents aren't psychic. You said it yourself Tsak. When they know you are capable of multiple mixups they will be less likely to pick the correct one to defend against. I am NOT. I repeat NOT advocating using BR FRC over GF all the time. But I really hate the narrowmindedness towards gimmicky mixups when needed.
  11. Raijin_CFN

    [Accent Core] Sol Badguy General Discussion

    Japanese players just don't match up to the hype they receive. There's some big names out there but most of the players on youtube with japanese characters for names are no better than their american counterparts. Pretty much you're saying it is a staple in his rushdown. Fair enough. I realize that it is a staple but you are not questioning why it is a staple. You're trying to make perfect pressure noone can escape from which is impossible in GG. You're using GF FRC because people tell you to in a certain situation no matter what. GF FRC is not safe when someone can see through you and tell what you're going to do next. In some situations BR FRC or a gv and RC may be better because they will not see it coming. It is always good to have more options so you are less predictable. You may not use it, but it is good to know it's there. This type of thinking that gimmicks are bad is going to kill any creativity. Gimmicks=/=bad Gimmicks=Gimmicks Can we just leave it at that and talk about combos again? I'll debate this with you in another thread if you wish.
  12. Raijin_CFN

    [Accent Core] Sol Badguy General Discussion

    1 I did not say that all japanese players suck. I am just tired of them being idolized when anyone can be as good. They're not good just because they're japanese. 2 It wasn't a know it all topic. I was asking for ideas, and got way less ideas suggested to me than were in that video. I also got the "you're a moron" vibe for trying to think outside the box when I've been playing gear with espada members for a year. 3 GF FRC can be countered just as easily as BR FRC mixups. They both cost 25 tension. Every mixup has a counter. If someone knew you were going to GF FRC and go in for a throw, they would not block, and would just combo you while you look silly trying to throw. If they knew you would dust, they would ib and hurt you. Or they'd just block low in the case of low attacks. Every pressure has its holes no matter what. The chance they would defend against br frc on reaction is about the chance they'd defend against GF FRC mixups on reaction. I'm not saying BR FRC>GF FRC. I know that rushing behind a GF has its advantages over a naked sol flying through the air but BR FRC does have its uses. I think that this information should be available for people to know so that they can make the decision whether or not they want to use it. If I got hit by a "gimmicky" combo and lost a tournament match simply because I didn't see it coming because noone decided to cover it on DL I would feel betrayed kinda.
  13. Raijin_CFN

    OLD! Sol Combo Thread [GGAC]

    Yeah, I just got an extra like 45 damage. With 6 Sidewinders. WOOT. What's the best way damage wise to combo off BB, if and when it hits? One of my friends likes to gv into a clean hit and go into SW. some people do it in the corner and follow with fafnir>tyrant rave. I usually run up and cs, 2h, 9 js SW. I'll usually replace the js with a jh for lighter chars. Are there any possible combos I'm missing out on?
  14. Raijin_CFN

    OLD! Sol Combo Thread [GGAC]

    I'm not trying to be disrespectful, but japanese players suck. They don't have two brains, and are not given superhuman abilities from birth, competition is just more accessible to them. Just the way people think they are generally smarter when really academic success is just more valued to them and they study hard. Why put them on a pedestal when you can practice and surpass them? They should not be able to dictate how we play the game. GF FRC is a gimmick. And it can be just as unsafe. You make it sound like br is unsafe to do when there is no 100% foolproof pressure or mixup without any holes. You're supposed to take advantage of when the opponent tries to use these holes. If you don't think that at multiple points in a blockstring being able to send a flying sol at your enemy with attacks that have to be blocked high instead of the usual low is a good thing then I don't know what to tell you. ON TOPIC It is possible to combo from non ch 6p and then a forward jump. You'd have to be kind of deep though. There may not be chances everyday to hit your opponent with this, but it is an option and before we get into the gimmicky argument again this is the combo thread, and not the strategy thread. It'd be a deep 6p, 9 js SW. works on all the cast. On Pot it would be 6p, 9 js jh SW but the timing for that is about as tight and firm as a 9 year old. This combo doesn't work on robo-ky whatsoever. When comboing from vv frc it may be best to rc after the second hit and delay? To RC after the first hit you'd have to add like, three extra normal strikes in or so for the next SW.
  15. Raijin_CFN

    OLD! Sol Combo Thread [GGAC]

    I made that thread about bandit revolver frc and they laughed and didn't consider the possibilities... and then closed my thread... and then I found this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=221tYK1Hh2M&NR=1 So yeah. Get at this dick!