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  1. ajinkris

    Accent Core Venom Thread

    im not allowed to delete this mean post
  2. ajinkris

    Socal: Arcade Infinity! Let's Match it UP

    There's always mini gatherings whenever. I can always host and have David, Jo, Phobos, Brett, Black Chris, and a few others over. Hit me up on aim.
  3. ajinkris

    Socal: Arcade Infinity! Let's Match it UP

    Zong come down to OC and play GG with real people.
  4. lmao. I knew I shouldn't have checked my visitor message.

  5. tienes un oyo muy sabroso

  6. I totally asked Matt: "What the fuck whose stick is that?" But in my head I already knew. Shoutouts to people blah blah. No I am not Blacksnake, and yes my handle really is ASIAN chris. Get it right you fucks. Edit: David I still owe you an avatar lol
  7. ajinkris

    GG:AC Official Tier List Thread

    What the hell is wrong with you people? I can't believe this thread is actually 169 pages long.
  8. ajinkris

    Socal: Arcade Infinity! Let's Match it UP

    You people should all play Guilty Gear with me.
  9. .50 cal or intervention?

  10. Wow I just saw this message today. Did you know that the Recent Visitors block in the bottom right is actually a loop? You click on who saw your profile like "Who the fuck is this" then they see yours and they click saying "Who the Hell was this again" and then you see them again and you're all "Fucking snoop, who the fuck is this guy" so you click and

  11. lol wow i just saw this message today. it's been so fucking long since i've read dustloop. nobody ever posts in the venom thread anymore :(