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  1. Kijiyama

    (AC+R) Testament Videos (Updated 6/6/15)

    Thanks for the names! Time to get studying and digesting all the info I can.
  2. Kijiyama

    (AC+R) Testament Videos (Updated 6/6/15)

    Is there any player that's good to watch for?
  3. I'm down for something. It's been a while since I've actually had a Fri/Sat off.
  4. I'm down for wed mostly and some sunday's. Can't guarantee I'll get that day off.
  5. Hmm, I think I'll show up to GC today but it depends on if I have something to do, not work.
  6. wasn't able to get sat off, but i still get the GY shift. So i can make it for a few games assuming we start and finish on time.
  7. Uhhh how about the last NCI where you were planning on cancelling it if you couldn't get the SJSU one or planning a campout and having to find out last minute that you could hold the NCI? That caused me to not file my day off because you didn't know if you were gonna get the venue or not. That was my deal.
  8. Please get the venue sorted out ahead of time. I don't want to find out last minute then get work that same day
  9. Stream is where fuckers? I'm waiting before i leave for work in about 2 hours!
  10. In response to all the stuff aboout devry. There is internet there, we've streamed there a few times, the room size is fairly large. Quite larger than the CS clubroom (IE about both rooms put together from last NCI). So the room your getting is going to be about that size if not larger. We we're glad to have it there the last few times we had the event there and iirc was the venue before SJSU picked up for monthly.
  11. You know why? It's because everyone with the exception of a few people try and troll andrew at least once and pays for it. That and the king of throw's powerlevel is too strong!
  12. Actually, you want to drive in early. You know why? Because then you can practice for 4/5 hours while we wait for everyone to show up then start the tournament like 3/4 hours after it was supposed to start! Anyway I'm out's tomorrow also, got work so I'd rather get GUARANTEED money. Have fun~