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    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    Obviously Noel's taunt button turns her into Mu-12.
  2. Yo brutha, we should collide some atoms.

  3. Atuin

    [CT] Hakumen Combo Thread

    Thanks for the reminder, i always forget about how important hotaru is to keeping hakumen safe/baiting combos. Any specific uses for it against zoners? specifically Nu, Rachel, and Arakune.
  4. Atuin

    [CT] Hakumen Combo Thread

    are you absolutely sure its safe? i could have sworn i've been atomic collider'd on block. maybe i was whiffing tho. I'll definitely practice it tho, if you think that is always the better option. They need to give hakumen some moves that make RC worth while. and maybe something to help him move on the ground. in fact, he needs jack hound for 3 magatama.
  5. Atuin

    [CT] Hakumen Thread

    I agree, 6C is never going to beat out other characters that can zone, like arakune and rachel, you are much better off finding the holes in their zoning and dashing in on it. 6C is mainly used as a massive punisher on safe whiffs. Especially if you are close enough to do a 6C(ch)>Renka lead in for a 9k combo.
  6. Atuin

    are you back yet, bro?

  7. Why thank you. Do you have the game yet? Like a Boss

  8. Atuin

    [CT] Hakumen Thread

    yeah i believe you can actually get counter-thrown during the active frames of Kishuu, so you'd be dashing into your own grave against a tager or anyone who knows what you're up to. I've been playing around with the applications for RC's especially using them to create better mixup or safer ways for hakumen to get the opponent exactly where he wants them. I'm sure we all understand why RC's are sort of silly for hakumen, but i can't help thinking they must have an important use for him somewhere, something that gives him an edge when the enemy least expects it. all the same, my tests have been inconclusive. Someone who is more pro than I should be doing this.
  9. Atuin

    [CT] Hakumen Combo Thread

    Only thing i've figured out to do with RC for haku is mixup, but that's generally only worth pursuing if you get a strong yomi, and its only worth practicing once you've run out of other things to practice. It's also nice for saving your ass sometimes. Example: in one match, i landed an airdash>j.C way early against Tager, and i was like, oh gosh im gonna eat a tager buster, so i RC'd and used another falling.C to put more space between us, landed then did 6C>Shippu and won the round. In retrospect, RC was actually not the only option to save me there, i probably could have just poked him, but it was a safe option and it worked out well. But in terms of combos i haven't seen anything that makes the stars worth RC'ing rather than just using a special cancel.
  10. Atuin

    [CT] Hakumen Combo Thread

    do you mean 623AA? as in uppercut A>A? or quarter circle forwards A? because what you are seeing in a lot of combo videos is probably those two moves done in quick succession. did it rrod like this?: http://kotaku.com/5345567/distressed+look-360-up-for-sale-on-ebay if so, are you okay?
  11. Atuin

    [CT] Haku-men Videos & Discussion

    :yaaay: new sig
  12. yes. also banana.

  13. Atuin

    [CT] Hakumen Combo Thread

    anytime you can get off a renka in the corner, you can get an air combo. usually something like Renka>2C/5B>air combo. I prefer other other kinds of air combos, but the j.2C loops are great if you don't have stars. also if you are midscreen or pushing the enemy towards the corner, you can use a counter-hit 6B to get them into the air and then push them to the corner. At the right distance you will finish pushing them to the corner with a j.2C and then air-dash and land another j.5C or j.2C(x2) that looks like this: 6B(ch)>jump>falling.C>2C/5B>jump cancel>air combo
  14. Atuin

    [CT] Hakumen Combo Thread

    Tager and hakumen both have kind of wacky hitboxes. I think their hit box changes in size pretty dramatically once they are in hit stun, or on the ground. Both of them can get out of a lot of people's ground combos where no one else can, but air combos tend to be just as hard on them, if not harder because of how big they are. uhh if you want to see what i mean, litchi has all those long, juggle-you-across-the-stage kind of combos, and Hakumen can get out of most of em pretty early on. But good luck getting out of ragna's ground-to-air centric damage options.
  15. Atuin

    [CT] Hakumen Combo Thread

    yeah i agree, i don't think i understand what the hang up is. Oh unless you are trying that combo on tager. Tager can tech out of a lot of hakumen's ground combos where other people can't. Also if you are in mugen, almost anyone can tech out of your zantetsu>5C loop.
  16. Atuin

    [CT] Hakumen Thread

    i use either standard colors or i think its the 3rd colors, the one that is really blue and white with like ultramarine hair.
  17. Atuin

    [CT] Hakumen Combo Thread

    There are ways to do that combo for less stars, and it doesn't require corner, it usually requires counter hit tho. For instance: (CH)6B>jc.falling.C>2C>jc.B>jc.C/B>tsubaki>falling.C>2C>sjc.airthrow>falling.C>5C 3 magatama. The idea is you bounce them up with 6B, and let them hit the ground, then you jump on them and as you are falling you pick them up with a falling C. After that you can do alot of different combos, i wrote one out here that is a variation on yours, with a possible extension if you can land the air throw. Total damage is quite good with the air throw tacked on the end.
  18. Atuin

    Dustloop Cosplay Thread

    Ware wa SIX BEEE!!! Not to mention his air throw does like 2k unprorated damage But yeah, like i said in another thread, Hakumen x motorcycle armor. Hakumen riding a motor bike, with his sword... awesome.
  19. Atuin

    [CT] Haku-men Videos & Discussion

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLihwTbGTiA <- props to Mike Z and 10starz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75sS8F66idI <- this one took me a bit to figure out what i was seeing, but it's really funny. These videos both demonstrate how hakumen is really good at punishing supers due to his ability to whip out his D-counter or Yukikaze during super freeze. Also he can cancel a lot of things into yukikaze during super freeze, which makes him able to bait supers and punish them. discuss amongst yourselves.
  20. Atuin

    [CT] Hakumen Combo Thread

    I think that is a neat find, blade, I love to find good setups for haku's air throw since it is sooo deadly. but i do agree that starting a combo with that is kind of a bad idea, unless you have no stars, but even then there is usually a much easier/safer option for same or better damage. His air throw shines when you plug it in after your proration is huge. If you manage to get it at the end of a long combo, your enemy is looking at eating another 2500 or so damage, when all of your other damage options would be reduced to double digits.
  21. Atuin

    [CT] Hakumen Thread

    some interesting stuff in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZ38bLxsBfU
  22. yo sorry about the running off suddenly today, i had to help cook dinner and such.

  23. I was born in Alaska and grew up there, but i live in cali now

  24. high five, fellow Alaskan!

  25. Hey do you have a capture card? or other means with which to take good screen shots on PS3? im sending you a PSN friend invite