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  1. yo sorry about the running off suddenly today, i had to help cook dinner and such.

  2. hey man, we met at SVGL on friday! i was the dood with a long ponytail, i played Ragna, Jin, and hakumen. That day was my first time getting to play some BlazBlue. It was good playing with you that day, as well as some of the other guys, earlier in the day. We should get together again sometime. Also it would be cool if you could give me the forum names of some of those other doods so i can send them a PM as well, in particular the guy who was playing Rachel/Ragna, i played several matches against him. I also use this screen name on youtube, and sent you a friend invite there as well. On our way home to santa rosa, our car's radiator blew :gonk: but it was okay, we managed to get off the freeway at downtown SF, and we caught a bus back to Santa Rosa. Car is in a Triple A shop in San Fran :v: Take care, Peace.

  3. Hey do you have a capture card? or other means with which to take good screen shots on PS3? im sending you a PSN friend invite

  4. Why thank you. Do you have the game yet? Like a Boss

  5. Atuin

    are you back yet, bro?

  6. high five, fellow Alaskan!

  7. Yo brutha, we should collide some atoms.

  8. I was born in Alaska and grew up there, but i live in cali now

  9. yes. also banana.