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  1. You're mistaking human error for a lack of strategic wealth.
  2. They don't use Growler because its an unsafe as hell, stationary, low damage DP. They're scared. Growler is so punishable and reactable for how slow it recovers. Even at full screen you can be punished for using it to absorb some projectiles. Thats why you see Azrael players hold down Growler after it whiffs and the enemy is close. It doesn't matter if they release it. They're fucked anyway. Might as well look cool for another 15 frames before you bite the dust.
  3. Darcius

    [Accent Core] Sol Badguy General Discussion

    edit: whoah, kusoru does the 2d and it works? stolen
  4. Darcius

    [CS1] Valkenhayn Technical Discussion

    The specials are 236 whether you're on the left side or not, eirei. You know this shit.
  5. boss comment on digitalwatches' article keep it real


  7. SK, SK player here. Reppin the nowhere.

  8. Dohohohoho~ This should be good.

  9. I'm coming back for CS. Prepare yourself.

  10. I saw your old posts a long time ago. They gave me a good laugh.

  11. I haven't posted around here in months.

  12. Your secret admirer <3

  13. I love you. Will you marry me?

  14. I'm probably coming back for continuum shift. See you then.