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  1. Anyone play this in Australia?
  2. Xeno

    GG:AC Official Tier List Thread

    Since there is no "hit button for automatic hit/win" (like your SNK boss reference), could it be said that Guilty Gear's tier lists // character potential represent "difficulty" for the other player to respond with? So.. a super-good poke makes out-poking extremely "difficult" (but not -unbeatable-). because there are no "free hits" in Guilty Gear before a combo starts (you can't *force* someone to get hit, you have to out-play them or they have to make a mistake ex. block wrong, not guess your tick-throw attempt). So, is tier-list = "difficulty" for the other player, as both "overall" and specifics (ex. superb oki means defending against that oki is very difficult), a correct statement?
  3. Xeno

    GG:AC Official Tier List Thread

    "Genius" player is an interesting remark. If genius means "damn awesome player, knows everything about their characters" then I would think tier lists would be written *with* genius-skill in mind. If genius means "ability to outsmart opponent" then, *shrug* it's something else.
  4. Hm.. sounds like you could 360 degree it and be faster?
  5. Xeno

    AC Millia: Videos & Discussion

    Um, how did the Sol Dust out of GV? I didn't see an RC..
  6. Xeno

    GG:AC Official Tier List Thread

    I don't have any dustloop political clout or anything but.. EX Tier List has my vote
  7. I heard you could not be thrown for several frames after blockstun ends in the Potemkin boards.. or am I mistaking this for wakeup throw invincibility?
  8. er, just what I heard.. I'm a noob :V What is "OCV"? Sounds like it means totally dominates or something..
  9. Xeno

    AC Millia: Videos & Discussion

    What are they?
  10. Xeno


    So if you are behind your opponent when they get up, they have to hold away from you you to block, which is "forward"? Or can they not block on their first vulnerable frame if their "forward" is also your "forward"? (hope that makes sense)
  11. Xeno


    This "you cannot meaty crossup" is because of "Crossguard" functionality?
  12. 0_0 I thought VV was invincible all the way through it's active frames?
  13. CH state question: The way CH are referenced, it sounds like a move can be in its recovery frames but NOT be in CH state?
  14. Xeno

    [GGAC] Baiken - short Q&A Thread (merged)

    What is "fastfall dust" at the bottom of this thread: http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=482.0 ? Also, I hear it is possible to do some sort of crazy IAD Tatami Mat spam where a Tatami mat is always on screen or (close to it). Was this a joke or is this just well-excecuted TK Air Tatami Mats?