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  1. No I just downloaded it right now when I booted the game. What is it for? Hopefully those changes from the arcade update?
  2. Arvoyea

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    Oh, I get it now. Because after knockdown with BR or VV when I land and try GF YRC it still becomes red. Many thanks, gotta get outta that FRC memory from XX seriesI guess.
  3. Oh crap I forgot to use this again! >~<

  4. Arvoyea

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    AWAKEN, MY DUSTLOOP ACCOUNT! Anyway, I have a question that's likely stupid and/or has been answered already. Is it possible to YRC a Gunflame at the end of a blockstring? I can never do it, and I can only Cancel if it's Red (50%). So I can't do it at all on block or hit or at end of a combo? And Destin, it doesn't seem like enough time (for me at least) to low airdash to someone before they get up. You're better off doing off the standard safe jump options, which VR-Raiden can help you with. The man's been the best to ask for on Sol. I guarantee it. EDIT: Whoops, now I can do it. So yeah, you could. Sorry Destin
  5. Sorry for asking a dumb question, but what would be great neutral for Kanji? I'm usually lost on how to approach any character when playing onlne.
  6. Arvoyea

    [+R] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    I'd just do CH 5H GV to be solid and CH 5H CLBB for when I want to be crazy and intimidate the other player. Also I need some help confirming dustloops better. The timing in #R I have okay after going back recently and trying. In AC+R however I can't get even the first loop complete. P.S. Hi it's been a while
  7. Arvoyea

    [AC+] XBL Gamertag Thread

    GT: Arvoyea Main: Sol Sub/Trying to learn: Millia Northern California Times available: varies due to work schedule
  8. Arvoyea

    [AC+] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread

    Going to try finding matches tonight. What are the best times and is Ranked or Player better?
  9. Arvoyea

    [AC+] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread

    I guess I will renew my Gold membership just for some Plus R online. Just been doing offline practice.
  10. Arvoyea

    [+R] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    So glad I bought the game for both PS3 and 360. At least no need to buy the JP release right now. Just wanted to say it's great so far but I seem to be unable to adjust to Sol's changes.
  11. Arvoyea

    BBCP Story Thread [Old]

    If you mean Ragna as deadly as the Black Beast, that's Unlimited Ragna. If you mean Ragna infused with the Black Beast, I also hope Bang becomes more relevant.
  12. hey. it's been a while, huh?

  13. Arvoyea

    [+R] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    Big thanks to VR-Raiden! would contribute if I had a Vita. want to get one anyway. P4G, GG, and Dragon's Crown!