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    No Linux/SteamOS support and I'm not buying a PS4 to play this game (and I love myself too much to use windows for gaming).
  2. reaVer

    If ASW had to cut returners from the next Xrd

    They should never have removed Zappa, Order Sol, Bridget and Robo-Ky. They actually had unique gameplay mechanics that made playing them a completely different experience compared to the run of the mill characters. And when FORCED to remove them, at least come back with alternatives. Players that played these characters intensively during the AC period are now left stranded among the rest of the cast that doesn't really do what those characters did. Out of the new cast, I feel 3 characters either don't add value or don't add value effectively. Kum is basically a mix between Slayer and Eddie and in my opinion is a waste of a character slot. Answer wasn't really the answer BB players were looking for (kek). And Jack-O seems to have been a bad implementation of the mechanics.
  3. reaVer

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Critique Thread

    It wins me games :P Yes, if they 6P your high mixup or use feet invulnerability to counter your low mixup you may have a problem. But that's kind of a feature of mixups done in neutral. If you however were to sweep his 6P, you can covert to reasonable damage, as can you when hitting him with the air attack.
  4. reaVer

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Critique Thread

    Was a pretty nice game. I'm going to explain the obvious thing here first which is that he was setting you up for airgrabs in the corner. That specific distance was also what N.O used to bait me into IADing him. If you want to go super risky you can use IAD SVV and you should get a combo off of it(but don't quote me on that), though if you want to be safer just do a neutral jump and wait for him to jump while flailing his weapon about which you can punish with a singlehit dash HVV if nothing else. The less obvious thing was your offense, which is pretty rare for anyone to bring up, but you tend to rely too much on your opponent pushing buttons. Just play the mixup game with him, 2P -> WT, 2P -> 5K, 2P GF, etc. and see how he responds. If he panics and starts mashing buttons than you start punishing that, otherwise you can pretty safely spam WTs, 5Ds and stuff of that kind. Also, if you want a very easy neutral game mixup: jump IAD.S-H -> combo vs jump land 663D(dashing sweep) into combo. That little nugget has helped me a lot with both Order Sol and Sol and I assume it is applicable to most characters in the cast. You can set it up with Sol by connecting a 5H followed by a neutral jump; it will give you the perfect spacing for both options.
  5. reaVer

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Combo Thread

    In corner: 5D [6] ~ 6H BB Fafnir 6P~2H jD Break HVVK 165 damage on Sol
  6. reaVer

    [+R] Order-Sol Critique Thread

    I was being sarcastic of course:P Though Inoue seems to have little trouble with the matchup.
  7. reaVer

    [+R] Order-Sol Critique Thread

    I speak for all Order Sol players when I say that we LOOOOOOOVE the matchup. Getting in is a pain, using FD breaks is recommended. Furthermore, when in, Faust players are very likely to FD (as it is the most beneficial option for them), to punish that you can just throw or gunblaze them.
  8. reaVer

    [+R] Order-Sol Critique Thread

    Note I specifically said 'good theory' and not 'good in theory'. Yes, the tools you listed can work for you, as can a lot of other things if they are used well, but he cannot use them if he's jumping around like commander Keen on a pogo stick.
  9. reaVer

    [+R] Order-Sol Critique Thread

    Mitsu: while it is good theory, none of it really applies here. The thing that went wrong was that 4r5 was guarding air and Sesshryu tried to occupy air. Sesshryu: just take a look for yourself, when you are in the corner, you decide you have to jump out. So forcibly even that it cost you a round as 4r5 just kept attacking you in the air. Next time, just try running out or using GB. Secondly, a bit more minor but still important: when waking up, running at your opponent to attack him isn't really going to work. 4r5 has been baiting you like this and you fell for it quite badly.
  10. Are you heatExtend? If so, I summon thee to irc! (irc.quakenet.org #guiltygear.eu)

  11. reaVer

    Guilty Bits video series- Official thread

    To clarify how stupid you are.
  12. reaVer

    Guilty Bits video series- Official thread

    No, I already knew what the answer was.
  13. reaVer

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I always have issues with Johnny's transport attack FRCs. The rest hasn't been much of a problem for me.
  14. reaVer

    Guilty Bits video series- Official thread

    And why not get in contact with me?
  15. reaVer

    Guilty Bits video series- Official thread

    And that is why I wanted the script for review. Besides that, I've mentioned before that the information on actual playstyle was lackluster and that too much attention was put into his level guage.