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  1. If you come to the tournament, you should also enter...if only to support to the NorCal BB community. It's hard enough getting entrants already...
  2. Willie, I support passing off the footage to Rin. He's good with video editing, and the other tournament vids are on his channel. Your camera though, so definitely your choice. Scott, thanks again for everything. Everyone really appreciates you coming down and helping to run the tournaments. We know it's not an easy drive for you, but appreciate that you keep making the trip every month.
  3. Goryus

    [CS1] Lambda Video Thread

    2C has been slowed down dramatically. 2B > 2C no longer combos, except on counter hit.
  4. Their website claims they are open Wednesday through Friday, from 3PM to 12AM, and from 1PM to 1AM on the weekends.
  5. They would have them on hand because I specifically asked Mike Z to procure some when he originally convinced me to come and bring my set up.
  6. I'm coming, and bringing a CS arcade board with me. So as long as they have the adaptors for controllers, we should have at least 2 set ups. In addition, I'm throwing a pre-warzone practice event at my place Thursday night. BBCS Freeplay Thursday, April 1 6:00pm - 12:00am If you know where my place is, feel free to come. If you don't, and you're in the bay area, shoot me a PM and I'll respond with an invite.
  7. Reminder: free BBCS, all night, as prep for the tourney. Tomorrow, at my place. Show up if you know where that is, please send a PM if you don't and want an invite.
  8. The team pairings are random...
  9. Cross-posting for reference. For those interested in some prep prior to the 2v2, there's a BB free-for-all at my place the night before - please see this post in the NorCal thread about it: http://dustloop.com/forums/showpost.php?p=582732&postcount=2913
  10. Excuse me I meant challengers?

  11. Are you up for any challenges?

  12. I would like to register for this, but can't get the registration link to work. Clicking "register me" at the end seems to do nothing.
  13. Goryus

    [CT] ν-13 Combo Thread

    The relaunch combos are good, but I'm not sure they warrant updating the first post. The purpose of this post is not to collect all the combos that could possibly be done, but rather to provide a starting point for players who are interested in stepping up their Nu game, with a clear progression from weak but easy combos to harder but stronger ones. Let me think about it for a little while, as there may still be some updates to make that would be helpful. I've been needing to fill out the character specific section for a while, as well.
  14. Goryus

    [CT] ν-13 Combo Thread

    Please give me specific examples of combos you think are worse than new variations, and I'll try to update them. Although honestly, this whole post will need to be revamped with CS anyways.