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    Don't sweat it. I can hold it down either way. I'll see you tomorrow night or do you mean the one after? lmao. Of course you're playing another character. Don't get too attached.

  2. Jo

    'Sup Ean? What character are you playing now? lol. I haven't seen you in what, 2 weeks or so?

  3. Fun stuff on Saturday, guys. Looking forward to more in the future! Shout outs to everyone I mashed +R with. EVERYONE!
  4. I'm curious how many people are going to be there for GG, but more importantly if GG there will be AC+R since it's come out on Japanese PSN already. Any word? No access to a PS3 makes Jo something something.
  5. Chrome Homura going to EVO? I'd like to play you in some games! :D I'm signing up for GG too. See you guys at EVO!
  6. I think there were only 12 of us for Guilty. Too bad you couldn't come down.
  7. lmao nice one. It was great playing GG with a bunch of people in person instead of this online nonsense! Huge surprise seeing Brett there and even Mikey? Good games to everyone I played. Nice seeing some new faces. Shoutouts to Stromolk, shtkn, Vince, Lyn (sp? blueberry for life), Donny, JD. Congrats to psyblade for taking GG and Jason D... I'll get you next time! Maybe we can have an extra GG setup since one for all of us was a little rough. All in all I had a blast. I'll definitely roll down for more in the future!
  8. Just heard about this event on The Runback. If I didn't have plans on Saturday I'd roll down for some GG, but I'll be down to go to Super on the 18th. See you guys then.
  9. Hellmonkey gonna be at EVO? Oh snap. Also, I'm pretty sure I can bring my SDTV + PS2 and copy of AC, but it's not AC+ Let me know if it's needed! My PS2 stick will stay broken forever. :/
  10. Jo

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    Yo, yo, yo, it's Jo! Wanna post up some EVO business. Umm, right now I have a room with two beds and we only have 3 people staying (Me and 2 others) so having an extra person to split costs would be a great idea. We're arriving on Thursday and checking out Monday morning, so if you decide to only stay like, Friday through Sunday then we can arrange costs to fit your needs! Post if you're interested or shoot me a PM. See you guys at EVO! EDIT: Found someone to join us. See you in 2-ish weeks!
  11. EVO is coming! Get hype, people! I'm gonna enter me some KOF. I'll enter GG too if there's a side tournament (and I get my stick fixed).
  12. All right guys, looks like Jo is back in the game! Some rearrangements have been made and I'm a-okay to go to EVO! Hopefully everything runs smooth. I'll be bringing my CRT tv like I did at ReveLAtions so you can add an extra Guilty Gear station to the list. I look forward to playing the lot of you! Get ready for some Johnny action, guys! It's EVO crunch time!
  13. I'm going to have to pull out of EVO this year. Sorry guys. Maybe we'll play next year.
  14. Dude hella posts up in here hahaha. I'm down for old man tournament. I'm taking you all down with me when I go down!
  15. Uhhh I'm a moderator? When the fuck did that happen? LMAO. Thanks though, Blade. You da man. YOU RAWK! \m/ I'll have to get that book.

  16. Jo

    There's a Guilty Gear Bible? Wtf. Someone explain plz.

  17. ^JP, not Jap. Please try not to be disrespectful. Say Japan if you're just going to be lazy. Sheesh.
  18. Wait for it to get posted, Kyle. xD How have you been man? Long time no see! Hope you're doing well.
  19. Dude. Okay... you just DON'T. FUCKING. KNOW. Hands down, Satoshi is the best Faust player I have ever met and I have even played RF once before at previous EVOLUTION tournaments (I was a scrub back then, not nearly as good then as I am now) and Satoshi psychic'd the shit out of my Johnny. It was like he was playing in Fast Forward and I was playing in space. Not that I couldn't SEE his attacks but he was just outguessing me every single time. It got to the point where I was just embarassed losing to his Faust 2 out of 3 during tournament play because I feel I know that match up way better than that. The first time I played Satoshi, I won and it was a single game then he ruined my shit with Potemkin who happens to be my worst match up (Thanks a lot, Ken I) but thanks to Hellmonkey's Potemkin I can instant block the shit out of everything Potemkin does because it's sooooooooooo fucking slow. What it boils down to is defense. Are you man enough to sit there and take the punishment? Just watch the videos and you'll see what I mean. I have much, much more story to this. YOU HAD TO BE THERE!!!
  20. lol I just got home guys. Can't wait to see the match video/video of me drunk lol GG's to Sakonoko in Street Fighter btw. It was a great honor playing such a well respected player.
  21. There's actually gonna be a GG side tourney? Huh. Okay.
  22. Oh snap. GG money match! @ZeroRaider: I'll teach you some Johnny if you're down to learn. First you need to learn the GG basics.
  23. I'll teach you some GG. Who do you want to learn? ;D
  24. Nigga what? You better watch yo' ass. I've been training BB with Tokido aka your worst nightmare.