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  1. That's a lie. I'm not looking at BB US SBO Qualifier. I thought it was for GG then I saw it said Blazblue. It was an accident, I swear.

  2. Jo

    [AC] Johnny Video Links/Video Discussion

    lol, FRC that's day one Johnny stuff, man. You have to be fast when you input K then pretty much tap 8 to keep your forward momentum while jumping. You can do it with a lot of characters (Sol off the top of my head). Just be quicker and you'll get your momentum.
  3. .50 cal or intervention?

  4. Jo

    Official Evo 2k10 Money Match Thread

    Stone, first to 10 for $50? ...GG obviously.
  5. Jo

    Official Evo 2k10 Money Match Thread

    I'm assuming no money then? I'm pretty sure I owe Moroha a MM.
  6. I'll eat your soul, Chris. Just like I ate render's.

  7. Jo

    Official Evo 2k10 Money Match Thread

    Yes Watches! 10stars, where are youuuu? I wanna MM you (if you intend on practicing GG)
  8. Jo

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    If you're all the way down in SD, I'm sure you can probably find a carpool or something. If not, you can gather some people up to make the trip less boring when you drive. And yes, parking at AI is certainly a mission in and of itself. @frc: Sucks to hear about your car. That's pretty shitty. Don't know if I'm going to Devastation but I'm pretty sure I'm going to EVO so I'll probably see you there. Hopefully we can play sometime before then, though.
  9. Jo

    Official Evo 2k10 Money Match Thread

    Ohhhhh shit. Koogy I got you then. 2/3 20 bones! Let's do this! Watches, rematch? We gotta break this tie. First to 5 for 20?
  10. Jo

    Official Evo 2k10 Money Match Thread

    Hype as FUCK in this thread. I'll take MM's. First to 5 or 10 up to 20 bucks if people are down. Or standard $5 2/3 matches.
  11. Wow I just saw this message today. Did you know that the Recent Visitors block in the bottom right is actually a loop? You click on who saw your profile like "Who the fuck is this" then they see yours and they click saying "Who the Hell was this again" and then you see them again and you're all "Fucking snoop, who the fuck is this guy" so you click and

  12. Yes, Gaijin. Yes you can.
  13. Jo

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    Yeah, still a Johnny player. You don't go anywhere to play? You only live in Redondo Beach which isn't very far. You never go to AI or anything do you?
  14. Jo

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    Hi Koogy. ;D Hopefully everyone that reads this thread actually went to Burnt Toast this past Saturday.. get used to it because it'll probably be happening every month! Satan knows the GG community needs it.
  15. Good stuff, guys. That was pretty fun. Hopefully this really can turn into a monthly thing that way more people show up for the event. That'll have SoCal looking forward to at least some form of tournament every month. Nice seeing you guys again~ GG's to the people I played and such. Promise I'll be better next time. ;D Thanks again to Mike for signing me up. lol didn't think I'd make it on time. About the fees, I'd be down to pay a little extra to help you guys break even. I'm sure that there would probably be more SFIV heads if that other tournament hadn't coincidentally fallen on the same date. It's all good though. Maybe next time we could get the Walnut tourney on the front page of SRK-- on the side to the right there's a list of upcoming tournaments and the Walnut one wasn't there. D: More people have to get hype, dammit. S'my two cents. See you guys again~
  16. Poor KOF. I'm sad now. Good job to Melty though. They wanted that shit. Outvoted a non-Capcom game on a Capcom dedicated site-- that's amazing. 10stars! MM? y/n? In other news, I'll be doing money matches if any other people are interested at EVO. Now it's time to do my taxes.
  17. Raaaah. Posting in thread. 2 days! And I still haven't practiced!!
  18. ^ What this guy said. I'm down. See you guys this weekend.
  19. Jo

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    Has anyone in SoCal found Jesus yet?
  20. If you can react to Marvel 2 mix ups, you can react to anything. Scrubs that don't know much about Marvel than "LOL INFINITE OMG GLITCH" need to stfu and go back to playing their shitty BB. 10stars-- GET AT ME!
  21. All right. Since 10stars started the thread, I think it's obligatory that I MM him in GGAC JvJ obviously! 20 bucks first to 5 or first to 10 if you're down? ;D Unless you wanna play for more than that...?! Looks like I am going to EVO since I seriously just reserved my room a few minutes ago. Also, I voted for KOFXII. Hahahahahahaha!!
  22. I hate you. Why you didn't get a dog?! They're gone now. Dog hater.

  23. Jo

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    Depends on what you play. If you play BB then you should find at least 2 - 3 people playing on the cabs since the game is obviously still new and people still want to play and practice at the game. If you play GG however..