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  1. Jo

    Don't sweat it. I can hold it down either way. I'll see you tomorrow night or do you mean the one after? lmao. Of course you're playing another character. Don't get too attached.

  2. Jo

    'Sup Ean? What character are you playing now? lol. I haven't seen you in what, 2 weeks or so?

  3. Uhhh I'm a moderator? When the fuck did that happen? LMAO. Thanks though, Blade. You da man. YOU RAWK! \m/ I'll have to get that book.

  4. Jo

    There's a Guilty Gear Bible? Wtf. Someone explain plz.

  5. lmao. I knew I shouldn't have checked my visitor message.

  6. I've been chillin', mang. Gotta get ready for that EVO. Hopefully we can get some games in this EVO. :D

  7. Jo

    Burnt Toast turned into Microwave Caught on Fire and Took the Whole Fucking Building Down With It. You know how we do in SoCal. We lazy.

  8. Jo

    Yoshi loves you back! You're going to EVO right? Hope to see you there (cuz apparently SoCal isn't having any GG tournies anymore? Whatever nothin' new). ;D

  9. If you have facebook, don't look for me. I don't have one. What's crackin', Smith?! Or should I call you Alex... hope your GG game is still alive and kickin'. What was the name of that band that we were listening to that CD of when I drove us up to FFA? Started with a G..

  10. Hahah thank youuu~ <3

  11. Jo

    Sanoshi rhymes with Yoshi.

  12. That's a lie. I'm not looking at BB US SBO Qualifier. I thought it was for GG then I saw it said Blazblue. It was an accident, I swear.

  13. .50 cal or intervention?

  14. I'll eat your soul, Chris. Just like I ate render's.

  15. Wow I just saw this message today. Did you know that the Recent Visitors block in the bottom right is actually a loop? You click on who saw your profile like "Who the fuck is this" then they see yours and they click saying "Who the Hell was this again" and then you see them again and you're all "Fucking snoop, who the fuck is this guy" so you click and

  16. I hate you. Why you didn't get a dog?! They're gone now. Dog hater.

  17. It was SpiritDrank! >:/ RIP Anti-BB: 2009 - 2009, apparently. Didn't even make it to New Years wtf...!

  18. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. They removed my group. Pro-BB much mods?

  19. You post some weird ass pictures, you know that?

  20. Something crazy is going on next door!!! Also I made a group. Join it. If you think you are worthy. Muahahah.

  21. Better be sorry. >:/ Check out my new group btw. :)

  22. Hey, hey. Keep your BB references out of my board. >:/

  23. Did I ever tell you guys I want to fight Jesus? Ugggh I have to wait 60 seconds on my own post board thingy? That's lame. Hurry uuuuuuuuuuup. ....I am watching Ali for the one millionth time.