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  1. So far I've seen: - Jackhound - Killer Joker or a move that looks a lot like it - j.H - High Mist Finer - Possibly a new move? The KO shot against Sol has him doing a crouching joust like Mitsurugi or something, though it could just be Jackhound. What we need to know before we actually get excited: - Does he still have Bacchus Sigh setups? If so, are Mist Finers considered projectiles so they can't be reversal blitzed unless he's within range for it? - What's the projectile blitz distance for coins? Pretty crucial to make coins usable. - If he has Ensenga or Divine Blade, and how those moves work if so. - How many of his old normals carried over (I expect 6P to be a shell of its former self) - Does he have Mist Cancel? This is the most important honestly. I won't be in Japan for the location test, regrettably, so I won't be able to get my hands on him for awhile.
  2. Valentine shmalentine. HEEEEEEEERE'S JOHNNY
  3. Looks like we're gonna need a Johnny forum.
  4. qwerty

    Monitor Discussion Thread

    I have a Dell U2413. The only review I've found that tested lag was this one, and it measures 9ms total lag in game mode. I use it as my primary display and play all kinds of games on it, and I have yet to feel as if it wasn't responsive enough. Plus, it looks phenomenal.
  5. qwerty

    [Xrd 1.1] Ky Kiske Loketest Changes

    Just so nobody brings it up again, Ho-chan tweeted that 2D -> CSE okizeme is still possible even with projectile blitz. Obviously nobody knows all of the specifics at this point, but this much we can safely say.
  6. qwerty

    [Xrd] King Ky - Gameplay Discussion

    https://twitter.com/hc0519/status/563157308570476545 You guys really need to wait before you pull out your Jump To Conclusions mat. Let this be a lesson
  7. qwerty

    [Xrd] King Ky - Gameplay Discussion

    Perhaps I'm being optimistic, but I seriously doubt they're gonna let people just blitz shield any projectile at any distance lol. I wouldn't worry about that until we actually see it. Mostly nerfs? I fear to see your definition of buffs. Being able to YRC Stunedge like the Good Lord Intended is huge! +1 Split Ciel is huge! Granted there are other things I would like to see, but this is a good start and there is undoubtedly more where this came from. Be patient. Believe. EDIT: https://twitter.com/hc0519/status/563151140779343872
  8. qwerty

    [Xrd] King Ky - Gameplay Discussion

    Isn't projectile blitz distance specific? I'm sure CSE oki will still be possible.
  9. qwerty

    [Xrd] King Ky - Gameplay Discussion

    I'm going to assume this also increases untech time on airborne/OTG hit, which would make ending for hard knockdown possible in more situations.
  10. qwerty

    [Xrd] King Ky - Gameplay Discussion

    Level 4 Split Ciel holy shiiiiiiiit
  11. qwerty

    [Xrd] King Ky - Gameplay Discussion

    Yes, you can. I don't want to say it's weak, but it's definitely not as strong as Stunedge FRC was. You're best off using it for the low angle Stunedge (236S) as a safe-ish way to jump over people at neutral.
  12. qwerty

    Post up your arcade stick.

    I bought this earlier this year to use as my travel stick. It was $20 at the Elecom store, though it's just a rebranded Mayflash with a different PCB. Stick is a stock JLF with a Link detachable shaft, buttons are Crown 28mm using the Mayflash harness from etokki, and those metal things you see are steel adhesive weights purchased from Harbor Freight, totaling in at 12oz. The best part is actually not pictured: also from Harbor Freight are 1/4" thick furniture pads adhesived on to the sides of the bottom plate, which makes this thing stay in place no matter what. All this in a stick that can still fit inside of a small messenger bag, in a laptop bag with a laptop, etc. I should really post up my other sticks once I'm back in Japan, my High Grade is coming along quite nicely.
  13. qwerty

    [Xrd] King Ky - Gameplay Discussion

    If you end a combo with seal, they usually can't tech out of it, anyways. In the event they can, it'd be best to YRC and anti-air them, though you should just take the knockdown without the seal if that's the case.
  14. qwerty

    [Xrd] King Ky - Gameplay Discussion

    The second hit only connects at certain ranges. The farther you are, the better. If you're missing it in combos, delay the cancel between the last move you did and Stun Dipper a bit.