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  1. Results are up! Tournament ran smoothly and I appreciate everyone coming out for BG's last tournament :sadface: I'll most likely be relocating the next Uprising to the Hall of Gaming in Wallingford, CT. @Marlin~You could've showed up for the tournament regardless. My phone broke recently so I apologize for that, but you still could've came.
  2. Why I'll run AH around 5 or 6. Today's the daaaaaayyyy get hype!
  3. ONE MORE WEEK yo ull. Everyone please bring setups! There will be more of these Uprisings so I'll try to set a date that's convenient for Spooky.
  4. Rules are updated for Marvel. And yes Arcana 3 side tourney is a definite Times for each tournament is finalized now that every game is concrete. SSFIV teams will not be held to make sure that there is enough time to run every tournament smoothly and for every tournament to have stream time. Also, Spooky agreed to stream the tournament again!
  5. The official winner of the vote is GUILTY GEAR!!!, the rules will be updated in the first post.
  6. http://boards.ign.com/arcana_heart/b24307/200030393/p1/ @Tales~The reason why there is a poll is to determine which game is going on the stream. I have no problem with helping run side tourney's. @Doomie~I'll be running these on at least a bi-monthly schedule from now on so no worries. Happy early birthday too Poll's close in two day's (the 20th) and it's looking like Guilty Gear is taking it.
  7. I don't want people to ask random people in their game to vote because it would make the poll super biased. Only the people who are going I'm counting. EDIT: I'm definitely considering what the stream monster's have to say, and you're right that they deserve a say in this. The problem is I would need to post this poll on srk and homing cancel to make the votes less biased. SRK is the main stream monster lair- next time i'll post the poll forum wide. I just didn't want multiple poll's going to keep it more organized, and since two of the games on the poll have home's here on dustloop. Lordpangtong~All of the game's in the poll are based on what the majority of people wanted. And a lot of people asked for AH3 over MB. Nerdjosh~Yeah def, I posted the Marvel team's idea on SRK too. I may take out Super team's for it depending on the demand. I can't run both sadly :/
  8. That isn't at all why i'm taking the game out of my default lineup. I've said this in every post I've made, Guilty Gear isn't growing because it's a small fish in a big pond essentially. People in the fighting game community are aware of the game and how good it is. It just lacks very important element's that we don't have any control over. We've tried/worked hard for years (the ACT series plus my last Uprising) to help replenish the GG community and our effort's did not help expand the community. I worked my ass off to run my last Uprising because I do have faith in the game, but my longterm goal for the Uprising series is to help expand the fighting game community IN GENERAL. Uprising is not just for the GG community which is why I'm also running Super and Marvel vs Capcom 3. I don't want to run a game just so the same group can continue to play without any change coming from it. Also, I am a part of those who don't give up. If I wasn't, this thread wouldn't be here right now. Again, I'm working on behalf of the fighting game community aka EVERYONE. The poll is here to support what everyone wants, not just the GG community. I can use that "support the dedicated player's" argument as a reason to run any game because every game's community has them. And that's why the poll also has BB and AH3. Blue~I'm sorry bro, but our effort's have, and will be in vain if I continue to run it. If the whole "if we play it they will come" theory was the remedy, why haven't the countless ACT's plus my Spooky streamed event made a difference? It NEEDS online play to have a chance at breathing life into it. Life meaning a good amount of new blood and people playing it more often than 2-3 time's a year. Like I said, I want to support and expand the fighting game community overall, and honestly it's kind of selfish to ask me to run something just so the same small group can play. When you know that everything I've said about the state of the game/community is reality. Also, a couple new player's isn't breathing life into the big picture. That's what I meant by we shouldn't base the WHOLE COMMUNITY off of a small portion of people. Fraga~You're godlike. Thank you, and yeah i'll definitely take the help again. We are a good team. Etta~<3 Also, to the people who voted..if you don't plan on attending the tournament I'm not counting your vote. There are people who live across the country on the poll..
  9. The vote is going to stay open til Feb 20th. Spooky agreed to stream it, and I'm gonna work hard to make sure the CT beatdown's run smoothly. ~One more thing, Otakuchin (the guy who ran the ACT series) ran SF4 with GG with the purpose of attracting more player's. He worked hard to run both together to expose the game to different communities and it didn't attract new player's. The "if we play it they will come" mentality has not worked and it has been tried many times. The game's core issue's (lack of online play, spaced out competition, and lack of a new game) are the problem, and that's what I meant by things that are out of our control.
  10. @Mindgame~That's my point, one or two state's can't keep the game alive. I can't solely keep the game alive, it needs to be a collective effort from more people. And the game has not grown. Again, not all of the 40-50 even play the game regulary. A lot only "come out of retirement" at majors. The AH3 community isn't just MB. BB, GG, and even Super player's are playing it. How do I know this? The people who voted and the people who express interest in the game in general. People asked me to include it in the poll. I'm basing this off of majority, not anything off my own opinion. The poll makes it more fair because it allows everyone to voice what they want instead of me throwing in a game. It isn't pessimism, it's realism. Wishful thinking is things would go back to the 07 days. Realistic thinking is the game needs online play or a new game to hold it's ground now. If I didn't have optimism it wouldn't even be an option. It's up to you guys what goes in. And that's completely fair.
  11. Oh and Blue i'm not changing the systems again. Everything you listed are majors, this is just a local tournament. Vigilante's right in that we should keep it consistent with what everyone around here is used to. Guys, I know what I'm doing isn't agreeing with everyone, but I needed to be realistic about the state of GG. I want to support a game with a growing community. Not support a game to keep the same small group coming back thus continuing the current cycle. That's how it is now, and it sucks that the community has died down so much in the past couple year's. What it'll take to revive it is more than what we can do. GG local's have been running throughout the past few year's (ACT series) and they didn't change the core issues the game has. Lack of online play, and lack of player's. And the reason why i'm bringing this up now is because so many fighting game's are coming out without those core issues. Making it harder to refresh our community. We can't look at 3 states as a basis for the bigger picture.
  12. @Mugen~A game that in general is expanding and is played more than just a couple time's a year at majors. It's a lot more than turnout. Like I said, I can't say the game is alive when only a small handful of people play and a lot of that handful only play GG at majors. A LOT more needs to be done to revive the game than just a local tournament. Every major boils down to flying somewhere to play the same group of people each time. And it's discouraging to see that thing's aren't progressing. With so many new game's coming out now it's going to be super hard to get more people to play a game w/o online play and where competition is so spaced out. This vote is to see what the community in general wants, it's not just for the GG player's (which is why I linked this to SRK too) I wish GG was still like how it was back in 07. Then is when the game had life in it.
  13. I understand where you're coming from Ahmaad and you know I have love for the game. But we need to look at the big picture, and I already stated it in my first post. The problem is that there are very few people in the whole country playing, we can't keep a game going by ourselves. And the community hasn't made an overall expansion. Plus, with the new wave of fighting game's coming out it's going to be even harder to convince new blood to play GG instead of a game with a lot more player's (and online play.) I want to make a difference, but we can only do so much. The game needs either online play or a new game to truly revive it. What truly divided the community are the problems the game has had from the start. The distance between player's, and lack of online play. I love the game, but I don't want to continue running GG without any real change happening. And with all the factors I just listed, it's gonna be extremely hard to do so. It makes more sense to run a game with more expansive potential.
  14. Tom~At first I put in the same format for my last tournament, but 360 only is the norm now. I know about the timing issue, so please don't say that like I don't know common knowledge about Super. It will definitely be held on 360 from now on and I apologize for not updating the old format. As for the vote, if we put it on both site's people could vote for the same game twice. And I don't think it's a good idea to have the same discussion happening on here and SRK because things may turn into a "so and so on srk/dustloop said" deal. Since super's going to be on 360 though it makes sense to put Marvel on it as well to be consistent. And so we won't have to change setups out/waste time. So Mahvel~ is on 360 now too. Kona~Thanks help is always welcome So far..9 for Arcana and 6 for Gear.