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  1. Yay, Baiken. And Answer seems ok (except those silly triangle glasses), but I'm kinda disappointed that the series dropped meta/hard rock references and designs. Unless it's referencing that Northern Irish rock band, lol.
  2. That Bacchus Sigh change was totally uncalled for but other than that, it doesn't seem too bad.
  3. I didn't expect Justice so low, I thought she would be at least above Overture characters... Anyway, I'm ok with that list, HOS and Baiken are my favourites out of those, and I'm glad that Izuna is the most popular Overture character.
  4. I don't know why are you surprised, XRD is almost like AC never happened, the majority of stuff is based on Reload, why would Jam be the exception.
  5. Wow, you can vote for GG2 characters too, much better than I expected. Well, since all my favourites are already in, I'd like a new character to the fighting series, Raven or Izuna. If not, HOS would be nice.
  6. Of course they are eventually going to bring back everyone (except Kliff and maybe Order Sol), we'll just have to wait for a few more versions of the game
  7. I don't like Bridgett very much, but he is interesting from the gameplay perspective. And Ruu is one of the most entertaining players to watch, I'd like to see him in Xrd.
  8. I have an advice for that since I use something similar to hitbox. Hold the direction you want to jump before jumping, like [6]28 instead of 239, it's impossible to get a tk doing that motion.
  9. Backed up, just in case
  10. Look at here, a lot of Johnny stuff https://twitter.com/kazmadan
  11. I feel like 50% is too much, I expected something like 30% at most.
  12. Holy shit, that seems too good.
  13. Johnny stuff sound like christmas coming early for me No repeated hits on lvl3 MF, just one?
  14. Ok. Well, since the game is based on Reload and than refined, I look at it like he never had 3HS at all.
  15. I called on Johnny having an aerial Mist Finer. But NO ENSENGA?!?! Fuck. Or maybe it could be a mistake. I hope Zweihander will have a similar purpose. No 6HS too, or is it considered universal like 6P? I'm not sure I like added animation on D > 6 followup, I hope it won't fuck up comboing into Slayer's K Pilebunker.