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  1. Holy shit they kept Garyou Tensei, and it looks godlike.
  2. Everyone's favorite scrublord magnet has returned.
  3. New content announced!
  4. They most likely have a DLC announcement planned for EVO, which is why it's a Sunday final.
  5. I-no finally upgraded her airdash to match Izayoi's. Izayoi-no?
  6. It looks like the one from Reload. Not sure how old that version of 6HS is but I started out on this series with Reload so that's where I recognize it from.
  7. Looks like Ky got his old 6HS back.
  8. I can see it now: Dustloop being sealed in limbo forever because they forget to pay the server bills. Then on all the Twitters you see "Fuck it. Use Discord."
  9. Finally we can get better input straight from Japan on these three.
  10. I like THE WORLD END, but it definitely does have its flaws. It takes a full 2 minutes to really kick in and doesn't really "stand out" like the other themes do. It feels too much like special story BGM, which is fittingly the only time it plays, and yet they tacked it on as "Unlimited Izanami's theme". God of War and, to a degree, HAKAISHIN suffer from the same problems. They don't really have the kick that the other themes have and feel more like special story event BGM.
  11. You can get them as DLC or, as stated, through Arcade Mdoe.
  12. PSN store updates are always at around 10 AM Pacific time. Also, yes you can delete the demo since nothing carries over from it. It was the same with the Revelator demo.
  13. They're not going to just magically patch a dub in with the next version update. It's probably just going to bring the US version up to speed with the JP version. At best, we're most likely going to have to wait 6 months to a full year at minimum for Arc System Works to add a dub in an update. And such an update would be quite large, as in maybe several gigs large.
  14. All anyone can do at this point is just wait until the announcement. The sound files in the game mean that chances have gone up for him to become playable, but that's about it. In the meantime, be happy with what you've been given: 35 characters, solid online play, and plenty of story content with practically 3 Arcade Modes and one big giant Story Mode and Library to conclude the series.
  15. Nakoruru has been nerfed. Thank Christ. Now Geese can no longer be totally invalidated as a character.