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  1. Is there a reason to go for 2D instead of 2KK? 2KK seems to have more damage and better recovery unless you jump cancel the 2D for a setup.
  2. I like this one so far but I should probably find something easier using the 6S/6HS instead.
  3. Here's another one, 50% tension HS sword equipped. Seems to do half life depending on the Dauros you use.
  4. Phrekwenci

    [Xrd] Ramlethal - Critique thread

    Hey I saw you playing live the other night. I don't know if you should really take my suggestions since I actually haven't used Ram in a match yet but knowing her capabilities I would say you let Pot get too close. I would have probably set the H sword and continuously tried to do j2HS everywhere. I would have also thrown Cassius out all day too to make it more annoying. Running over slidehead was really cool and probably something you could do often until he starts YRCing it. And of course stop dropping combos. :P Edit: Maybe a match against the best Pot in the world will help?
  5. Made this also. I didn't like the JCing to get less recovery on the sword call. The cool thing is you get to hold 2 for half of the combo (2S, 2P, 2K, 2HS)!
  6. Something else I was playing with today is a slight variation of Challenge #41. (both swords set in the corner) c5S, 2D, Darou, 5PPP, c5S, 2D JC j2HS (land), c5S, 2S, IAD jHS (land), j8D. The 2D in bold is the variation (in the challenge it's 5HS). The 2D seems to have extra crumple animation which makes it easier (for me) to do j2HS. The trick is to do it as soon as you hit 2D (don't wait for it to connect, just believe).
  7. Made this just now, for when you don't get a green Darou. Edit: Apparently you can add a 214K directly after the j6D for 3 more points of damage and a better knockdown (since you land quicker). Not easy since you are going from 6 to 4 in a few frames. Edit again: I should have tested this on more characters. The 2PPK works on characters that fall fast (so no lightweights). You can also delay the 2PPK just a bit on some other characters to make it work (Axl, Ram, Sol). After the slide, you can jump for a small jK, jS, j6D to ensure corner carry.
  8. I don't think anyone has metioned this yet but check out the combo at 17:24 here. The beginning IAD part is not necessary of course but I like the use of the 6HS in there. (HS sword deployed) IAD jK, jS, c5S, Darou, 5PK, 6HS (HS sword hits), j8D, dash, 5PPP (wallstick)...
  9. Hey folks, I'm trying to do Challenge #39 which begins 2D, 623P, c5S, JC jD... The c5S is connecting but he always techs before the jD connects. Is there something I'm missing?
  10. So this video was posted yesterday and Koichi is continuously doing (combo) 2HS, 236P, cS, (some air combo), 4P (toss), land, (some jump attack), explosion, (continues air combo). The quality isn't so good so I can't tell which moves are being used. An example can be found at 27:08. Has anyone else whipped up combos involving engaging and tossing the pineberry in the combo?
  11. Phrekwenci

    Zappa Love+R (the practical AC+R thread)

    There's always love, just sometimes without words.
  12. I'd like to introduce a project I've been working on that aims to help organizers of multi-tournament events manage player matches more efficiently while interfacing with Challonge bracketing. The project is called NextUp - Tournament Automation & Organization. http://nextup.me Key points: Call player matches via text message. - After entering in player information at NextUp, matches will be called to players by text message (where applicable). Each player receives a message naming the opponent, the location to play and the game they are to compete in. Receive match results via text message. - After players receive a called match via text message, they have the ability to reply with the player's personal result. The system can automatically verify the results or await manual verification. Monitor virtual stations. - Virtual stations represent actual stations in your tournament where matches take place. Add a station and open it for matching to start the competition. Event player identification- Adding a feature to Challonge; one player over multiple tournaments. If a player is current in a match, the player cannot be called for another match in another tournament (under the same Challonge account) until the first match is finished. For more information, please see the about page. http://nextup.me/about.html The service is currently free to use but I'll also ask that tournament organizers interested in using the system please email me at info[at]nextup[dot]me before an event so that I can supervise the server as the tournament goes on and provide some technical support if necessary.
  13. Phrekwenci

    [AC+] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread

    I don't think it's stopped, just some people who forget or are doing other things that particular week. I've had to drop my brother off at a friend's house every Tuesday recently so I'll be on a little later than expected tonight (maybe 8pm).
  14. Phrekwenci

    Zappa Videos (all versions)

    Chonari Zappa! 3/21/2014
  15. Phrekwenci

    Zappa Love+R (the practical AC+R thread)

    Literally the only time I use the 6S is when I do the summon OTG combo.