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  1. Hello everyone! I don't really know how to set it so that the video plays at the right time, but I'd really appreciate it if people would commentate on how I did against this Potemkin at 03:01:00. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



    Hey I saw you playing live the other night.  I don't know if you should really take my suggestions since I actually haven't used Ram in a match yet but knowing her capabilities I would say you let Pot get too close.  I would have probably set the H sword and continuously tried to do j2HS everywhere.  I would have also thrown Cassius out all day too to make it more annoying.  Running over slidehead was really cool and probably something you could do often until he starts YRCing it.  And of course stop dropping combos. :P


    Edit: Maybe a match against the best Pot in the world will help?

  2. Something else I was playing with today is a slight variation of Challenge #41. (both swords set in the corner) c5S, 2D, Darou, 5PPP, c5S, 2D JC j2HS (land), c5S, 2S, IAD jHS (land), j8D.


    The 2D in bold is the variation (in the challenge it's 5HS).  The 2D seems to have extra crumple animation which makes it easier (for me) to do j2HS.  The trick is to do it as soon as you hit 2D (don't wait for it to connect, just believe).

  3. Made this just now, for when you don't get a green Darou.


    Edit: Apparently you can add a 214K directly after the j6D for 3 more points of damage and a better knockdown (since you land quicker).  Not easy since you are going from 6 to 4 in a few frames.


    Edit again: I should have tested this on more characters. The 2PPK works on characters that fall fast (so no lightweights).  You can also delay the 2PPK just a bit on some other characters to make it work (Axl, Ram, Sol).  After the slide, you can jump for a small jK, jS, j6D to ensure corner carry.

  4. So this video was posted yesterday and Koichi is continuously doing (combo) 2HS, 236P, cS, (some air combo), 4P (toss), land, (some jump attack), explosion, (continues air combo).  The quality isn't so good so I can't tell which moves are being used.  An example can be found at 27:08.  Has anyone else whipped up combos involving engaging and tossing the pineberry in the combo?

  5. Anti-air with the sword is very situational now, not even the sword uppercut will save you since it's only active for so long and if it's trying to come back to Zappa, it'll be active during its return, when you need the active frames near Zappa. Really, the only answers I tend to go with is to throw them out of the air (if you have good reaction time) or 6P, which was really designed to be Zappa's anti-air go-to tool. Upper body invincibility, hits low, jump-cancelable, and combos into just about anything.

  6. Hey new sword mix-ups I made this morning. After being close with the sword the beginning of this is always 6P, 2S, 2HS JC as a block string which they will have to block low. The JC will reset the pressure or retreat depending on what you want to do and the end on the string is when you'll land from the air.

    ...JC backward jS, jHS FRC, jS, jHS. Real BnB here just to get some distance between you and the opponent and start pressure from afar.

    ...JC backward jS, jHS FRC, IAD forward jK or jS, etc. If you want to make them think you are retreating, you can use this and stay close. Some will be prepared to IAD after you so this might stop them.

    ...JC forward jS, jHS FRC, jK, jS. This is in my video, the jK helps push the opponent over without the sword whiffing.

    ...JC forward jS, jHS FRC, delay airdash forward jP, jD. People with really good reaction time can definitely airthrow you out of this. To keep them on their toes use this next one.

    ...JC forward jS, jHS FRC, delay airdash backward jHS. Using jS at the end instead of jHS will probably whiff unless the opponent is in the corner or you delay the attack a bit as you move farther away.

  7. I just realized something about the sword uppercut. I've been having problems with it recently since only the sword is active during the move and if you try to do a reversal when the sword is too far away it will whiff. I think instead of using this as a reversal like most uppercuts, I think we should think about using it as something to cover the space between Zappa and the opponent if the sword gets behind the opponent. Since it's returning to Zappa while active. Unlike the sword rush, where Zappa is active. I'll probably make a video for this too but just as a concept, sword gets behind opponent maybe using the sword rush and gives the opponent an opportunity to come in while Zappa is unarmed. Using the sword uppercut will be active hitting the opponent while it returns. This particular setup might leave Zappa vulnerable unless the animation is (F)RCed. I'm thinking there might be some anti-air applications instead but I need to do some more testing with scenarios.