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  1. Jetm

    [+R] Order-Sol Combo Thread

    I didn't see these posted after a quick scan of the thread, so here goes. Against just about any standing character that is as tall as HOS, you can: c.S 2S 5HS IAD j.P j.S j.HS land 5HS IAD j.P j.S j.HS land 2D Does about 172 on Slayer. Works on (as far as I can tell) Slayer, Testament, Potemkin, Johnny, Eddie, Axl, Venom, Justice, Anji, Sol, and HOS. Alternatively, you can start the combo with a 5K c.S 5HS. If you don't have a running start, you want to c.S 5HS instead.
  2. Still on my list of things to do. It's next weekend, right? Guess I better start grinding that BlazBlue again.

  3. Yo dawg, you still coming to Michigan Masters 4?

  4. Dogs can't play fighting games

  5. Jetm

    [CS1] Simple Q & A Thread

    Speed is everything. In a fighting game, time is dealt with on a much smaller scale than most things. For example, Moonsong (Ice Arrow) is -37 frames on block, meaning that you have a little over half a second to hit your opponent after blocking it (which in fighting game terms is actually quite a long time). Your 5C starts up in 10 frames, meaning that you have roughly 27 frames, or a tiny bit less than half a second, to move around and react. Were you to use a faster move (let's just say 5B), you would have 30 frames instead since it has 7 frames of startup. Now, when it comes to punishing Jin's DPs, there are big differences between them all. If you end up blocking the A or B version in the air using barrier block, nine times out of ten you can kiss punishing him goodbye since A is -17 and B is -11. C version is -40 frames on block, so you have quite a long time (relatively) to punish him. D version is tricky because of the second hit gaining unblockable properties when fully charged, being air unblockable without barrier, and being able to be released at any moment, but if you end up blocking the second hit you have 26 frames to hit him, so it's rather punishable. If you're having trouble with those, try to practice doing a quick dash into 5C. 66 (return to neutral) C as fast as you can. You'll carry your dashing momentum if you cancel your dash into an attack, allowing you to start up your attack early and still make it within range to hit the opponent because you slide along the ground a short distance. When it comes to getting out of pressure, the most you can do is wait for an opponent to leave a hole in his blockstrings and either backdash out, jump out while blocking, wait for the opponent to attempt to reset pressure by leaving a small hole while they recover from the previous attack (ala 2AAA dash 2AAAA), or use a reversal to hit your opponent out of their move. If you're going to attempt to reversal, it is a good idea to practice instant blocking basic pressure strings so that you can open up a hole in their pressure to take advantage of. You will pretty much never win by just trying to mash out of pressure with your fastest attack. Important note: Everyone's pressure is different. You will have to learn each character's holes individually as you go. Some are more obvious than others. As for not knowing what to do after you hit the opponent, I have three words. Practice, practice, practice. Look up what your options are after landing a specific move. The combo thread is always a great place to find followups for your combo starter. Once you've found something that will work, go into training mode and work until you can get it right. Doing it on reaction is a matter of experience fighting an actual opponent. You have to be able to make a judgment regarding whether or not the attack you use is going to hit. Keep at it and don't hesitate to ask to elaborate on a point of two if I got a little confusing.
  6. I didn't think BB was a side tourney at FF3. I saw it in the thread with twenty or so people already signed up for it. Also I dunno who will run BB. Matthias isn't going. Neither is Heroic, last I heard. I have no experience with running a side tourney and with the sheer number of SF events going on, who knows if we'll even have the televisions/time to run it all. Best I'm able to do is bring a set-up and an old CRT I have lying around. My plan was to just go for AH3.
  7. It's the same expression I wear every time I open up PSN General.

  8. I have to join everyone in saying that dog in your avatar is hilarious. He just looks confused and baffled, like he read some incomprehensible post and has no idea what he just saw.

  9. In what event? You're going to run BB side tourney?
  10. To be honest I kind of blanked out when I was trying to think of people to enlist for the trip there.
  11. Hey, good shit to you, man. You had me sweating bullets. Less than a jab away from dying and you guardpoint my 5C in the air. Sheer dumb luck my 2C caught the vulnerable frames near the end of j.d's startup. Hopefully I won't have to hope for that kind of thing next time. Really came down to the wire. @Woocash It's always nice to have more people in the scene. Here's to seeing more of you in the future (despite us never getting to play ) Edit: Bad games to whoever changed my voice settings to Japanese. Not cool, bro.
  12. I learned how to throw cross under with Jin cuz of you

  13. BB singles top 3 was: 1) Jetm (Jin) 2) David Cue (Arakune) 3) Emba (Hazama) Shout-outs to: DavidCue for being a great guy and a great player. Nice job on placing in both GG and BB. NewtypeRX, Sebastian, and Bacon for listening to me ramble in the snack bar and for being good fun to play in casuals and teams. Heroic Legacy for being Heroic Legacy. B-Rad for running BB nice and smooth and being fun to talk to. Frankie G for fun casuals aka the in-depth tutorial on how boggling BB hitboxes can be sometimes. Good shit to everyone else in BB I forgot to mention/don't remember their names.
  14. That's because they're the same breed. Corgi.