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  1. Osuna

    [Xrd] Match Finder/GG Thread

    Hello~ my PSN is OsunaSama and I live in the PNW. I can only really play Thursday afternoons and sometimes Friday afternoons or Sunday evenings a little. I haven't had any real practice in Xrd, but some people might remember me when I played online as MojoPlenty for BB. I'm online right now in an empty room if anyone wants to play or just add me for later.
  2. Osuna

    [Xrd] Potemkin Combo Thread

    Who all does PB RRC J.S J.H ICPM work on? All I know is that it works on slayer and sol.
  3. Osuna

    [CP 1.1] Iron Tager Gameplay Discussion

    In frame data -1 means that if it is normal blocked on the first active frame you are -1, which for some moves is not relevant at all. Buuuuut I remember something about 2D getting a buff on block in one of the older games. Like 0 or +1. It hardly mattered then and definitely doesn't now. (Or maybe I'm imagining it)I'd check out CS and CS2 frame data if I had the time. Maybe it was 0 on block like GF used to be back when it was really bad and no one believed me.
  4. Osuna

    [CP 1.1] Iron Tager Gameplay Discussion

    I know exactly what you said and the answer is no. There is a super flash where they get to see the 720 before their invulnerability wears off and since they are going for a punish rather than a reversal because they are like +10. If they wanted to reversal you they don't need to OD. I Suppose you could make the argument that VTC could have some sort of beneficial impact in this scenario, but your mix up in that case would be VTC/Asledge (otherwise they'd just rush you down because ODing lets them recover faster than any move you can throw from there). That is not a pretty place to be and it gets worse for every frame you hesitate after the first possible frame. But then if they delay ever so slightly they can just look at your follow up and block it, putting them majorly at advantage. Personally I think the entire discussion over GCODing 3C isn't as interesting as talking about using it to make things whiff. I bring it up because there's some seriously interesting places you can OD or be ODed for great effect. Also blocking 3C is very advantagious already. Why waste a burst to make it even better? Tager's options a weak and slow at that point.
  5. Osuna

    [CP 1.1] Iron Tager Gameplay Discussion

    People are still looking at this in a weird way. The intention of someone who is GCODing should be to make one of your moves whiff. TagerTime's speculated punish, doesn't work when you whiff something even if the changes he is speculating on occur. And yes. You can be baited and you can activated at a stupid time much like a burst. The major difference being you go from a mix up situation to a mix up situation instead of from being in a combo to being in a combo like with a burst. No it is not free (and will likely be less free in the final version). Bursts are good, not having one is a cost. And yes you can Raw OD to make some move whiff and punish currently and I've seen it happen. It is just a lot harder to do that up close because you might burst. Tager doesn't really have much in terms of safe block strings and being able to start the OD in block stun just increases the places where a punish is possible as well as the amount of damage Tager would recieve since you can start earlier can get more frame advantage on the whiff for a nastier punish. Similarly if you make a move whiff with GCOD, 720 being super fast will Very frequently be inescapable at that point. I thought it didn't need mentioning, but it seems the GCOD is counter intuitive enough that people are thinking of it too much like an RC with a super flash.
  6. Osuna

    [CP 1.1] Iron Tager Gameplay Discussion

    I understand how this comes about out of context, but the punish I mentioned that TagerTime suggested was not the super obvious 720 out of GCOD that everyone immediately thought of when the GCOD was revealed.Tagertime was suggesting that you special cancel into Voltech charge into 720, which if memory serves me right isn't possible, but for the sake of analysis even if you could iunno RC 720 when you see the flash, if there is no vulnerable recovery then you still can't punish a GCOD with a 720. You would have to 720 late and hope what they did was not airborn or invincible. The relevant concern being Tager has many moves that are Horrible on whiff and he could realistically be super disadvantaged by the existence of the new mechanic in some match ups. Especially post any balance changes they make to it. I think that is interesting.
  7. Osuna

    [CP 1.1] Iron Tager Gameplay Discussion

    Why are people all excited about the hyper situational guard points anyway? There's a uncomfortably high chance of those guard points not coming into play at all in any given match. There guard point would need considerable asymmetrical hit stop on a convenient window of armor to be very interesting. Was it established that GCODs had any vulnerable recovery? I feel like they wouldn't because the flash would make it too easy for people to do stuff about them. If there is no vulnerable recovery the punish suggested by TagerTime isn't a punish. (though it is really cool conceptually) Typically you can't really even try it. Usually GCOD is done with the intention of making an attack whiff. If you timed it when someone could special cancel then you probably did it wrong. Or maybe GCOD will change a lot and none of that junk will matter.
  8. Osuna

    [+R] Potemkin Combo Discussion

    on faust you can sj.P > j.P > j.K > j.S > j.H |> c.S > tk.APB frc 2H > 623H from mid screen into the corner. Does 1 point less damage than HPB but I like heat knuckle oki and the option to burn more meter for the kill. On Axl, I was getting sj.p > j.p > j.k > j.S > j.H to hit really low using the same concept, but even though I was hitting it pretty reliably before I seem to be screwing it up everytime now that I want to test what I can follow it with. So either I was doing real good before and it is hard, or it isn't super hard but my bad execution is a barrier.
  9. Osuna

    A Beginner's Guide to Training Mode

    There are often character specific combos, so just be aware of various hitbox shapes and practice on a variety.I like to practice on Makoto, Jin, Tager, Rachel Hazama, Hakumen and Litchi since the combos I like to use are performed differently on all of them. Then I just practice on Ragna or something for the more generic stuff. That's all specific to my character and to a degree my play style though. If you're still getting used to how characters fall and stuff then I recommend practicing on a wide variety. I used to hit random every time I went into training mode. Once you get a better understanding of the different hit animations you can make educated decisions on which character you'd rather practice which things on.
  10. Fighting games are designed with stick in mind. Being able to use your whole right hand instead of just a thumb is kinda a big deal. Especially because normal controllers aren't made to a very exact standard. I have 4, and I can tell you they all handle differently, I even have a favorite. None of them convey directional inputs completely accurately, but I know how to use them to get the results I want. That's a pretty major difference in quality. Sticks are expensive and require maintenance, but they are held to higher standards and provide a lot more freedom. They are preferred because you get more out of it on the high difficulty/precision commands long after the basics have been mastered. If it made it easier to do easy stuff then what would be the point? If you want precise control without the awkwardness of getting used to the stick portion of the arcade stick, you probably would have been better off with a hitbox style controller. EDIT: Is it really a fact that sticks break less easy than controllers? I've never broken a controller in my life, and it isn't like I'm paranoid with them. I drop them time to time. But like I've known many people that have had sticks crap out on them. I know sticks are easier to repair, but harder to break sounds wrong to me.
  11. Osuna

    [+R] Potemkin Combo Discussion

    Sweet. Now I have something new to work on. I'm all pumped for Gear from the TGS Xrd trailer.
  12. Osuna

    [+R] Potemkin Combo Discussion

    I can't figure out anything besides j.D ender on Axl. Anyone else got something?
  13. Osuna

    [+R] Potemkin Combo Discussion

    I hadn't even thought of 6H HFB FRC in the corner because 6H HF FRC is quite a lot of damage. What do you have in mind?
  14. Osuna

    [+R] Potemkin Combo Discussion

    I've never done a ground combo of 5D j.H j.H. Can you tell me more about the execution? I'll try it, but I gotta say my executions is actually quite bad and I spend many many hours drilling combos even in easier games like BB, so any hints could get you info that many hours earlier.
  15. Osuna

    [+R] Potemkin Combo Discussion

    @Circadeous Nothing fancier than those dust combos? I feel like with all the ways we can manipulate height and falling that we could get a better combo if I could just figure it out. Also holy crap on the sweep combo. I tried to do it before, but I gave up when I looked at the frame data. It's super tight and at least for me awkward to input. Maybe some day. Also at some point we need to group things based on who the combos work on. I know I would have liked a reference sheet of what works on who, I'm sure some other guy will want for it down the line.