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  1. G tea

    [AC+] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    It seems to be impossible to play anyone online. I guess I should join some chat group? I figure I'll introduce myself here first. psn: gtiyan85
  2. G tea

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I actually did feel a difference as well, however, whats with this video "disproving" this rumor? I honestly don't think its all in my head, but they claim there's no difference. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-TIUgsH1es
  3. its probably a little late to be asking but i have a crt tv and accent core that I'm considering bringing just for tonight ( i wont be participating sunday), should just go ahead and bring it or is there something I need to know beforehand, like pre-registering it or something? Normally I can get away with last minute shit but NCI sounds kind of organized...
  4. Hi people, I always have been dropping in and out of the fighting game scene, don't know why I haven't been consistent...5 people at most here may remember me... anyways, I never been to a NCI but I'm considering checking it out this month. I'm not too interested in tournaments cuz I'm not really a great competitor so I hope to get in a good amount of casual matches, mostly in guilty gear. I take it Sunday would be the best day to go for some guilty gear casuals or what? Also, hows the setup for guilty gear at the current venue, is it arcade cab or ps2? because I'm garbage at using stick.
  5. G tea

    Honnou Bi-weekly GO! Stay sharp in summer!

    I may also bring a friend
  6. G tea

    Honnou Bi-weekly GO! Stay sharp in summer!

    Tired and lazy as usual.
  7. G tea

    Honnou Bi-weekly GO! Stay sharp in summer!

    Bah, I can't make it today...Hopefully next week.
  8. G tea

    Honnou Bi-weekly GO! Stay sharp in summer!

    OK. I will return from the shadows after a year and a half break. (I'll be there tonight.) oh, btw its me, Gabriel.
  9. G tea

    Chipp Match videos (Slash / Accent Core)

    wow... samitto and nikukyuu are amazing. I'm really inspired now.